She poured a glass of liquor in a glass of their favorite color ... Get a smart thing!

Wax crayons like all children. Remember how easy and fun it was to paint them all in a row? I still love this indescribable feeling of contact between the wax pencil and paper ... but wax crayons can not only draw - the range of their use is quite wide. For example, lipstick unusual color is prepared on the basis of crayons. It's amazing how much you can think of, if your imagination free from the usual frames! These colored candles - the fruit of a vivid imagination ... just admire!

1. To begin, take a box of crayons.

2. Choose your favorite colors, which blend harmoniously with each other.

3. As a candlestick, you can use a glass beaker. Candle wick necessarily need!

4. Stick the wick to the glass, it is desirable to do it right in the middle,.

5. Place in a plastic cup wax residue from old candles. Heat the wax in the microwave.

6. Cut the wax crayons into pieces and add them to the melted wax.

7. Put the candle holder at an angle so it was convenient to pour the melted wax.

8. melt wax crayons carefully in the microwave, pour liquid mass in a candlestick. Let it harden for 20 minutes.

9. Now Unfold the glass to the other side and pour another layer of colored wax candle. Also let him freeze.

10. The last layer gently pour it on top, give a candle to dry well.

11. A brilliant result!

In this video you can spy on all the details of preparation of colored candles from wax crayons:

Add a few drops of essential oil in a liquid wax, you can make a scented candle! Making of small colored candles can be with your child, it's so easy. And most importantly - what you can achieve flawless favorite colors by mixing melted crayons in different shades. Make a unique candle that is suitable for your interior!

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