The glass House in Lommel, Belgium

Usually, the words "Flanders" and "Glass" is rarely where you will meet together, because in Europe there are many large glass factories to compete with which is simply unrealistic, but thanks to the Flemish Centre for Contemporary Glass Art, also known as the Glass House in Lommel, Belgium finally scored on the "glass map" of the world.

Glass House unites under one roof several activities in pursuit of different goals. The main goal, of course, is to attract and encourage contemporary glass artists and designers. To do this, there is a whole range of seminars required for full acquaintance with all the glass-blowing process any budding artist.

An interesting point is that the products created at these seminars, you can easily pick up a souvenir or to put on sale in the Regional Tourist Center, which is located next to the plant.

If You do not see yourself as an artist-glassmaker and the seminars You to anything — in a Glass House there are many things that may be of interest to You. For example, short videos on numerous displays telling about the process of creating the glass, starting from the moment the quartz sand is mined at sand pits outside Lommel, and ending with the actual blowing something interesting from the obtained in the process of glass recycling.

You can also pasupatinath the window, watching the work of master glass blowers, or even to walk through the factory itself (of course, completion of a mandatory course on safety and under the close supervision).

The glass House — itself a work of art. Designed by Brussels architect Philippe SAMINA 30-metre high cone-shaped structure made entirely of glass and stainless steel.

Glass cone visible from any point of the city, dominating over him. This is especially noticeable in the night time when colourful beautiful led luminescence Glass House.

However, despite its impressive construction, the building manages to look very fragile, if it can carry out the slightest strong gust of wind. But this, of course, not so, because the design of the tower based on rigid triangular frame of hollow steel tubes.

Inside the cone symmetrically to each other are two spiral stairs up which the visitors pass through three exhibition area, during the rise considering in detail the external structure of the Glass House due to well-placed mirrors on the outside of the building.

The glass House is also "green", environmentally friendly building. The heat coming from glass furnaces is used to heat the building, while rainwater gathering from the roof is used to cool glass.

In the Flemish Centre for Contemporary Glass Art there is also a large exhibition center, which at the moment is the exposure of John. Embrechts and Eddie Rickert dedicated to contemporary glass art. The exhibition includes about a thousand glass objects from the old and the modern sample, ethnic jewelry, hundreds of kinds of Souvenirs and curious items made of glass, found by Embretson and Rickert at the local flea markets and during their many travels around the world. This exhibition will run until March 3 2013. Himself a Glass House in Lommel is open for visits from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 PM.

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