Mobile Internet: Russia overtakes Europe

In Russia, the network go through the phone is active, but mostly not there ...

Third in Europe and the fourth country in the world to penetrate the mobile Internet called Russian analysts Nielsen Company. According to their research, if the people of Europe and America use the internet on your phone to read your mail and follow the news, in Russia there is a clear bias towards leisure traffic.

Russian users of mobile phones are among the most advanced in Europe. According to a study Nielsen Company, the mobile Internet are 11, 2% of the domestic cell phone owners.

This level of penetration of mobile Internet brought Russia into third place in Europe and fourth in the world. According to this indicator above the Russian people are turned only to the US (15, 6%), the UK (12, 9%) and Italy (11, 9%). Somewhat worse than it looks Spain, France, Germany and China.

Head of Nielsen Russia Natalia Ignatiev explained CNews, that the behavior of mobile users, Nielsen studied by direct interview. In Russia, in the I quarter of 2008, a survey was held for the third time and was based on a sample size of 7 thousand people from the 9 largest cities in Russia.

In the terminology of the report Nielsen surveyed Internet users considered that access to the Internet via mobile phone at least once in the last 30 days. The "study did not set out to identify the number of users in their Wi-Fi, but allows anyone to connect to the Internet is used by a mobile phone».

The same study found a funny pattern. If Americans and Europeans are using mobile internet mainly for reading e-mail, news, weather, and mobile search, the surveyed residents of Russia (as well as Brazil, India and China) in the majority admitted that their main traffic is the music and "entertainment."

Market analysts confirm that the Nielsen assessment close to the truth. Yulia Fedorova of iKS-Consulting said that "Russia does about 10-11% of users of cellular networks regularly surf the Internet via the phone." - She recalled that MTS said about 11% of its subscribers, and "Megaphone" on approximately 15%.

According to Fedorov, last year from 173 million nominal cellular subscribers in Russia 11 million (6, 4%) were users of WAP-services, and another 7 million (4%) - web-user network via GPRS. However, many users WAP and GPRS is much overlap, so the simple addition of numbers to get the total number of mobile Internet users can not - she warns. However, according to her, in the I half of 2008, the proportion of web-mobile Internet users in Russia grew significantly and equaled, if not surpassed, with a share of WAP-users.

At a relatively deep penetration, the proportion of operator revenues from mobile Internet last year was close to 3% of the operator's revenues and amounted to $ 570 million.


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