Tuning in the style of Hello Kitty. Hits accessories

Of Hello Kitty (Hello Kitty) is a cartoon cat - the character of Japanese pop culture. There are many accessories, toys, gadgets with Hello Kitty.
Hits, ten slaughter of car accessories in the style of Hello Kitty! Let's go!

First of all, a small bonus to set up expensive readers gentle pink cheerful mood. That is so in love Japan Hello Kitty:

Tenth place: bolt for state number

Opens ten simple and small accessory - sick with Hello Kitty on the head. Plain and simple.

Ninth place: steering wheel Hello Kitty

Not only in the Soviet era Zhiguli owners covered their rudders braid. Fans Hello Kitty is also doing. Here is such a "case" can be bought

Notice how carefully embossed pattern on the shield. By the way, there are even bicycle tires, where instead of drawing - Stencil Hello Kitty

Another steering wheel in the style of Hello Kitty. But the more stylish and warm. It has the same flowers and pink.


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