Letter to the Academy of Arts

A former student of a university in absentia Orlov entered the Moscow Academy of Arts. Surikov.
The young genius was enough to just send a picture to be enrolled without entrance examinations !!!

Dear colleagues!
I send you my picture. Please help us to draw a normal horse, I killed so much time and still get it at *** shte with human legs. Dies after a normal picture!

Dear Andrew,
in your drawing feels true talent, talent farmer or contractor of high-voltage transmission lines. Your picture and a letter posted in our gallery. Rzhёm all. Thanks a lot. If there are more images, immediately send.
With tears in his eyes,
prof. A. Bichukov.

 - Dear colleagues!
Honestly, I did not expect such levity on such respected men. In my opinion, a laugh is not something to a colleague asks you for help, what's so funny? I fucking three hours spent on these ******* s will draw horses ... hell, but some errors I still corrected: the horses back legs knees -Back !!!

Dear Andrew!
You will soon finish off the old sick man. I can not laugh so much, you have hit the mark again, your second figure again in the gallery and gathers crowds. You tear a class, the professor can not help it, and sprinkle with the mere mention of horses. Klodt, if you know who it is; But it does not matter, he also devoted much time to the horses, and so late Klodt now seem so wildly rotates, centrifugal force that touches me. Andryushechka answer us, please, to the question: what the city owes the birth of Russian land this nugget? What sadist interrupted horses hind legs, or maybe it is their own hurt jumping from tree to first figure? Who transplanted essentially thin and harmless elephant buldyzhki horse and dog's head? And it sticks out from the horse, sorry, of the priests?
Almost blinded by tears of emotion
prof. A. Bichukov.

 - Dear colleagues!
Although I personally began to doubt your goodness, in my opinion, you are there self-righteous old man conservatives who only know how that taunt, but to support the Russian school of painting, which I represent, then you net.Nesmotrya no matter what, I still got his own, and eventually I got two wonderful horses. Only one thing I agree with you, "is what sticks out the horse, sorry of priests" (by the way the tail and good), really should be higher, and it seems that horse, I will not ask you to forgive me, I will tell how ie, t *** I normally am to constructive criticism.

Dear Andryushenka!
And did not mean to make fun of you, on the contrary, all the Academy can not wait letters from you all go asking whether news from you. So this time you did not disappoint, speaking your language, "Russian school of painting" again gave all about ***** camping, so to speak, showed all these Lautrec, Manama, Picasso, where horses graze. By the way, if you have an outline with other animals, send without fail you, as I understand it, an animal painter. Miracle, not a horse, again in the gallery, but again do not get me wrong and do not be offended, can you ask more questions neskolno only for the satisfaction of his and not just his curiosity? All this is very interesting. Why is the first horse so long, maybe it's the mad professor has stuck to her spinal cord extract of taxes, and why this poor horse only two legs? For the second horse so crippled hind legs? It looks like the mule, which you sent earlier, again jumped from the tree. And what a strange ironing all the horses on his feet?
A sincere admirer of your
brilliant talent
prof. A. Bichukov.


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