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Skilful work with the public - the most important component of the fight against crime

In RuNet opened National Security node. The resource will be to educate on existing types of threats. In addition, the site will ask users to share information about illegal content, and will contribute to the closure of illegal sites. According to the official report ROCIT, law enforcement agencies support this initiative.

On the resource Regional Public Center of Internet Technologies (ROCIT) opened the National Security node. It opened with the support of both public and commercial organizations to provide users with as much information about the problem of Internet threats and the fight against illegal content. Node consists of three components: information and analytical resource consulting lines and a "hot line", which on condition of anonymity will receive information about illegal sites Runet.

The most topical part of the project is, of course, to collect information on illegal resources. "We focus on the reception of information from the entire array of users, which is not in the hands of administrative levers for closure of a site," - said a leading analyst CNews ROCIT Urvan Parfentev. According to the organizers, runetchiki on its own initiative will provide information about the resources on which they "would like to rid themselves».

The node will not have administrative privileges on the closure of such sites, but from the official posts ROCIT known that the initiative to combat the aggressive content supported by law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation. Thus, the resource will take on the role of mediator, that, given the characteristics of the local mentality is important, - said Urvan Parfentev. "Most people are in any case not to contact the police directly. Especially when it comes to such "delicate" themes, like, say, children popnografiya or corruption of minors, which themselves cause further embarrassment. It is in this mediation we see our purpose and its necessity, "- he added.

While the content of the site is not complete: at full capacity the project will be released in the coming months. Parfentev told that some of the sections will be filled only after the start active work with users.

Similar national nodes exist in the European Union (networked "hot lines» INHOPE), the United States and Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia and other countries. According to the Russian practice in the field of IP, IT and telecoms law firm Salans Victor Naumov, in the West people are very active in situations of struggle against illegal content and in upholding rights related to privacy and freedom of speech. This often created and act as informal networking and classic public organizations and associations, that is, self-claimed. In Russia, in the tradition is less developed, he said.

Will it debug a similar scheme in Russia - will depend on many factors, market participants believe security. Expert "Kaspersky Lab" Andrey Nikishin noted that the draft National Security node more than timely. "The number of sites with all sorts of threats is growing and you need time to protect users from them. This task is quite capable to set up the organization ", - he said. However, the effectiveness of problem solving will depend on the project leader and the activity of users. Many users are "tired of the garbage on the network" and are ready to assist, Nikishin said. But their cooperation is necessary to involve more actively. "I did not see the members of the center of the representatives of the leading Internet companies. Support for these resources would help as soon as possible to inform the majority of Runet users, and a critical mass of supporters ", - the expert added.

Not quite clear is also the definition of illegal content, the resources of this kind can be attributed to virus infected web sites and content, violating someone's copyright or illegitimate from the point of view of the legislation on advertising and the media, says CEO SecurIT Alex Rajewski. In general, he believes that the educational functions of the resource can only welcome, because the level of knowledge about this subject the vast majority of extremely low.

However, with positive ideas ROCIT not everyone agrees. "As a rule, people are interested strictly applied questions of personal safety", - he said to CNews start of the project development director Alexey Perimetrix share. The question of how, for example, is safe to use credit cards on the internet is vital for everyone, and the resources of a general nature, tend to remain unnoticed, he added, referring to the experience of Western countries: "In my view, the draft ROCIT is more PR is a character. The center provides educational information that users and so there is no shortage. Also, a new resource is unlikely to be able to collect a large number of users of illegal content at the low culture of the security of the Russian Internet users. Therefore, although it created a sensation, but still not be able to bring tangible practical benefits, "- he concluded.


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