The most funny and popular memes 2015

Meme - a joke on the Internet, supported by a large number of users. The past year has been generous to memes, we laughed a lot over, many shared, in general, it was fun! < Website offers you a list of the principal, according to the wording TJ, memes passing year.

Shark Katy Perry h2> One of the first noticeable memes of the year was the "left-shark" of dancers singer Katy Perry during the Super Bowl, one day acquired fame even in countries that are not too interested in American football.

Irregular and bizarre movements that made a dancer dressed as blue shark, attracted attention more than anything else a female singer, and turned "left the shark" in the long-running meme.

Two Lama h2> Another "brutal" meme beginning of the year - two escaped llama, a few hours had time to become heroes of the Internet. A link to the live broadcast by the police of Arizona began to spread on Twitter February 26, together with the most successful, in terms of users, screenshots. Almost immediately, there were the first pieces.

Llamas were eventually safely caught and comical story became a story of social networks.

John Travolta touches people h2> Several viral internet jokes gave 87 "Oscar" ceremony. Most of them were short-lived, and the longest lasted meme, which appeared due to inappropriate behavior friendly actor John Travolta. At first he too enthusiastically kissed on the red carpet Scarlett Johansson, and then did the same on stage with singer Idina Menzel - and then covered with a flurry of Twitter jokes.

What is the dress h2> However, neither the shark nor Lama, nor affectionate Travolta can not be compared to the fame and the speed of one of the most famous memes of the year - the dress, known on the network as The Dress. Its history began in late February, when the wearer Tumblr published online photo dress with a question, what color. She explained that she argued about it with friends: According to her, one saw a combination of white and gold, the other - blue and black.

Picture took only a few days to be in almost all media, writing about the Internet. Hashtag #TheDress led the top Twitter trends in the US, the debate joined celebrities from around the world, also showed no consensus.

Mom censorship h2> briefly became the focus of attention of netizens and local meme "Mom censorship» (Censorship Mom), who was born on Reddit. One of the users of the resource published a photo of his mother, a towel covering the television - he said during a candid scene.

Comical picture formed the basis of numerous fotozhab on which Mom redditora covered already half-naked activist entertainment business, such as currency rates.

«Nichosi» h2> April 1 "VKontakte" took a hit before you'll ever need are not too well-known outside the "Peekaboo" meme "Nichosi." Cartoon character with goggle throw up her hands appeared on the pages of users of social network each time you press the button "I like».

April Fool's fun lasted only one day, but the existence of "Nichosi" learned the whole Russian-language Internet. Later in "VKontakte" appeared stickers with different versions of the character, and the first offline festival of "Nichosi" became a sort of mascot.

Carl h2> Internet heroes, whose popularity in RuNet got a special scale of spring 2015, also became Carl and his father, the heroes of the famous American series "The Walking Dead." The stage, which was the basis of the meme was shown on TV back in November 2012, and a breakthrough in Russian-language Internet has happened only 2, 5 years later, and was associated with the news of the distribution of pancakes with shovels in Stavropol.

Runet users noticed a joke and began to alter the pattern under different circumstances. Offline meme brought politician Alexei Navalny, photographed during a conference RPR-Parnassus and the Progress Party marked "Primaries, CARL».

How old are you h2> Another immense field for the entertainment network users introduced in late April by Microsoft. At its developer conference, it is the first time publicly demonstrated its new service, determines the age and sex of the person on the picture. Internet meme quickly became ridiculous mistakes in the assessment of service-aged people in the photos.

«Che there for Ukrainians?» h2> April was generally the most intense month of spring in terms of appearance or the peak of popularity of new and old memes. It was in April was marked by growth and meme 'There Che Ukrainians ", by which ridiculed the tendency of Russians too enthusiastically discuss the Ukrainian event instead of events in their own country.

«Just do it» h2> In the late spring of the status of human-meme conquered Shia LaBeouf, staged a performance for the student project Central Saint Martins in London. A fragment of performance art was the basis for videomema Just do it - netizens have begun to interpret the actor jumping and shouting with your own commercials, in which overlapping images LaBeouf at the most unexpected backgrounds.

Training raptors h2> Summer for many users the network has passed under the sign of "Jurassic World". The return of the legendary kinofranshizy not only confirmed the new status of Chris' Star Lord "Pratt, but also gave rise to the offline meme. Particularly noteworthy was his appearance for the employees of zoos and farms all over the world - they have become a parody of the key scenes of the film, replacing the raptors, tames hero Pratt, other animals, most often harmless.

On these shots fell, for example, dolphins, flamingos, possums, ducks, cows and penguins.

September 3 h2> Each year on September 3 in RuNet remember the same song Russian singer Michael Shufutinski, and in 2015 a little-known the date is celebrated with a special scale.

To join the fun, even social network "VKontakte" in the day to offer their users to send each other a special gift in the form of a virtual calendar that when you rolled over and began to play the song Shufutinski.

Day Marty McFly h2> This is not the only meme associated with a specific date - 21 October not only in RuNet, but all over the world celebrated the day has come "future" from the movie "Back to the Future" by Robert Zemeckis .

To celebrate joined the largest companies and brands took several high profile attacks like the appearance of man on the "fly" hoverboard in central London.

Plug and officials - for example, police in Mount Isa in Queensland, Australia reported accident involving a silver sedan, managed by 17-year-old driver with the rights expired 30 years.

At the end of the day, many users on the network is not happy that the day came from a favorite movie, and the fact that the annual flow of fakes with new dates, "the day when Marti arrived" finally end.

Confused Travolta ​​h2> In early November, has found a second life on the Internet is another cult film - with the filing of Reddit and Imgur network began to grow barrage gifok and pictures from "Travolta confused." The hero of "Pulp Fiction" by Quentin Tarantino was transferred to a children's store, the State Duma, on the snow-covered parking lot in place in the clinic.

As a result, it happened to him is what usually happens in such cases - it is all tired.

# Too heavy h2>

How are you all? Too heavy falls? Or anything?

- Dmitry Malikov (DmitryMalikov) October 24, 2015


Toward the close of the year in runet there is another meme, owes its existence to the singer Dmitry Malikov. In late October, he turned to his subscribers on Twitter asking how they are doing, and this tweet because of its wording suddenly became a local hit, and the word "too heavy" began to live its own life.

December 18 Malikov upheld own online popularity by releasing a song to appeal to the Russian ruble and the words: « Let hard, happiness ahead ».



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