Casino in the morning. Almost everyone left, at the far table with roulette miss two croupiers. Suddenly the table fits perfectly Freaky girl.
 - I want to play.
 - Please.
 - Only once.
 - Please.
 - Put on the number of $ 1,000.
 - Wow! Oh, please.
 - I will win. I always win.
 - Good luck.
 - I have a happy method. I'll play without a skirt and no panties.
 - Do you mind?
Dealer little ohrenevayu:
 - Why against? Please.
The girl takes off her skirt, panties:
 - Let the ball.

Kupye throws the ball. The girl begins to rise from the table:
 - Come on, come on, well, well, well! .. Well .. !! .. WELL WELL !!! !!!
URA-ah-ah-ah !!! What did I say !!!
Rushes to the dealer begins to embrace, kissing ball ...
Gone crazy stickman stupidly counted her chips, she dresses and goes ...
One dealer says to another:
 - Hmm! It happens the same way! By the way, what fell?
 - Asshole! And that even though she put?


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