Dog has caused "fast" to its owner

John Stolneker and Shepherd Buddy AP Photo

John Stolneker ten years ago suffered a head injury while participating in military exercises. Since then it has had seizures.

Last year, an American from a special canine receiver, where the animals are trained to assist the sick and disabled, took shepherd named Buddy. The man taught his dog to press a certain button on the phone, programmed to call the emergency services "911" in the case, if he starts the attack.

So, on September 10 remote Rescue Service in Scottsdale entered a strange call. Buddy knew that his master began a seizure and did as he was taught by Stolneker. Operator picked up the phone and asked to explain the reason to introduce a call, however, surprisingly employee operational service in the tube there was barking.

Since the number Stolnekera figured in the database service with a note that the number "911" can dial a specially trained dog to his house was sent an emergency response team. The patient was given the necessary medical care.

According to Scottsdale police sergeant Mark Clark, Buddy is not the first time helps his master, giving a "signal" for help. Training polutoragodovalogo dog deserves the highest praise. "It's unbelievable - admires Sergeant Clark. - Even considered "veterans" officers "911" have not heard of anything like this! ".


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