To overpaid?

Sometimes the Forbes magazine list of the most annoying amount of wealthy Americans or the world's richest people. And then one of the most influential publications ratings switched to Hollywood actors and counts how many losses they brought their breadwinner filmmakers.

The magazine did some research in the field of film and formed ten "Most overpaid stars." Publication wanted to find out how much profit bring celebrities.

The principle of the study was as follows: Analysts Forbes took into account the last three film featuring the stars and calculated the ratio between the actor's fee and profits derived from the rental of the film.

Honorary first place in the list is actress Nicole Kidman. Every dollar invested in it brings to producers of films only $ 1. That is, how much to spend, and so got back. Agree, Nicole can not be called chicken that lays golden eggs.

However, the same can be said of Jennifer Garner, for example. Filmmakers profit from each dollar it paid only $ 3, 60.

Kidman's ex-husband, Tom Cruise, is also not very far from her left - receives from him profit is $ 4 for each dollar honorarium.

But looks like a list of the entire pereplachivyemyh star (oh, my! Jim Carrey in their ranks, too!):

1. Nicole Kidman - $ 1
2. Jennifer Garner - $ 3, 60
3. Tom Cruise - $ 4
4. Cameron Diaz - $ 4
5. Jennifer Lopez - $ 4, 10
6. Jim Carrey - $ 4, 11
7. Nicolas Cage - $ 4, 16
8. Drew Barrymore - $ 4, 38
9. Will Ferrell - $ 4, 67
10. Cate Blanchett - $ 4, 97

Like this! Overcharged, it turns out, our friends. Who would have thought, not all Hollywood stars make a profit. One happy: at least, none of them went to a minus.


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