Human towers in Spain

In the Spanish city of Algemesi (Algemesi) was the largest festival - one of the most famous in Valencia. The name of the festival «Fiesta de La Virgen de La Salud» literally means "Fiesta in honor of the Virgin of Health"; The celebration took place with the participation of dancers, musicians, excellent cuisine and fine wines at least.

The uniqueness of the festival is to demonstrate the human pyramid on the final day of the festival. On this day, acrobats from all over Spain come to a small town to demonstrate the bizarre "towers of the bodies." Human pyramid (the highest are built from 8 people) or «castalleres» have a long history in Spain, especially in the provinces of Valencia. This tradition originated in Catalonia in the 18th century, from where it spread further south. Festival human pyramid in Algemesi - one of the most charming examples of this unique Spanish tradition.


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