Rules of etiquette for women.

Consider the basic rules of etiquette for women. Most importantly the ability to behave this respect. As far as women are respected themselves easily understood suddenly came to visit her. If the apartment is clean and comfortable, heard smells preparing dinner, and the woman is well dressed and smiling, it means that it is a good hostess, looks after himself and his environment. A woman must love yourself, it helps to ensure that others will reach for it.
Being a woman is a great privilege. Smart woman will always look elegant dress tastefully. To be able to use makeup. For example, the spirits must be used in moderation. A woman should be able to wear jewelry. In no case can not be combined with gaudy gold jewelry.

Being in a society, a woman should be polite and friendly with people. Whether it's a barber, dentist, the seller in a shop or work colleagues.

It is very important for women to know how to speak, hold a conversation, to express their thoughts. Vocabulary any self-respecting man should not be limited to general phrases and slang. This impoverishes it makes it dull and gray.

During a telephone conversation with strangers need to be polite and gracious. Call someone only needs a convenient time for the interlocutor. The one who first called, and must first finish the conversation.

During the conversation, it is important to listen to the end of the interlocutor, without interruption, without inserting meaningless phrases that conversation does not need to be courteous mestu.Takzhe with senior. Respect them, not to interrupt a conversation and do not argue with them. The conflict of opinion always exists, especially between young and older generations, but because you can carry on a conversation in the form of cultural debate, not a dispute.

Following the rules of etiquette, a woman should not have to smoke. But if you still have this bad habit, you should not smoke at least in the cafe and on the street. You also can not hold a cigarette in his mouth during a conversation when greeted by dancing. You can not smoke at the table during the meal.

A woman should be elegant in all clothing, gestures and behavior. To elegant sit in the car, you need to get down on the seat, leaving the legs out, and then turn around and pull them inside. Out of the car first you need to lower your legs, keeping your knees together.

It is very important for women to know how to smile and laugh. Beautiful, gentle laughter causes the surrounding improvement in mood and joy. You can not laugh too loud and too long. Laugh is worth only the place when someone joked, causeless laughter or laugh out of place causes confusion and a negative impression on others.

Every woman should know how to behave in an awkward situation. If, for example, at a party you broke a cup or glass, should immediately apologize and will soon buy a new one. If you accidentally broke someone else's book, get the same and return it tseloy.Ne stands at a dinner to cook meals for new recipes or exotic dishes. The experiment may end in failure. It is not necessary to prepare such dishes, which are difficult to apply without the help of others. Also, according to the rules of etiquette can not serve dishes on the table with food already.

Should not be invited to visit people who have much higher social position or intellectual level. Most likely, you will receive a waiver. If one of the guests is late more than 15 minutes, do not make all the guests to wait, sit down at the table.

If you are invited to visit in any case can not be late. But too early to come is not necessary. Following the rules of etiquette to be polite with the hosts and guests.


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