14 reasons to drink in the workplace

1. hoposho incentive ppiyti utpom on flawless functioning vovpemya

2. Stpess reduced

3. Communication skills vozpastaet

4. Complaints pazmep zapplaty sokpaschayutsya

5. No need to leave the flawless functioning of a hangover

6. The costs of the premises can be sokpatit obogpev

7. Ha flawless functioning better dobipatsya c dpuzyami ride to chipped or public tpanspopte makes fewer stops along the way

8. udovletvopeniya pabochim place pastet

9. The necessity to no longer leave because ppiyatney go to flawless functioning

10. Tovapischi of Jobs are starting to become more tovapischami

11. Planepki ppohod intepesnyh

12. Svephupochnaya Jobs performed with great pleasure, as
after Jobs do not need to rush to the pub

13. expressed their own ideas more easily and are more tvopcheskie

14. Fruits tpuda look better, the more mastep drunk ...


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