A few signs that you're crazy

In the hallway you grab the girl in his arms and carries into the bedroom.

You take a pinch of pomidornitsy tomatoes and tomato dish with salt.

You jump on the verge of great discovery!

Everything was now clear to you!

Staff at the Presidential Administration will recognize you on handwriting.

You look at all the top side.

You know what they say chairs.

You listen to the reflection in the mirror.

You can easily imagine twelve-hypercube and explain any passerby!

When you go home with octopus, Marsianka at the entrance to whisper.

Once you move a finger, as all of you shy away.

You have declared war on the United States and go everywhere with you hover over them warhead!

All around the walls have ears and mattresses.

Hama orderlies beat your astral body and talk to you "you", and you, by the way, eight! Only one doctor knows the truth - he with you "you».

You were born five hundred years before his brain.

You throw prescription pills down the toilet and only eat them in the morning.

You have been sent into the world with an important remission!

Unlike dogs, who also understand everything, you can not file a paw paws as you are connected.

But you can get a star from the sky with his lips! And one soplёy satellite shoot down the enemy!

Your physical strength is four kilosanitaram scale Kashchenko!

Your notebooks these fools decipher only in XXIII century, unless, of course, guess to find them in a pile on the twenty-third kilometer Ring!

In the mattress you hide reform program Charter HOA "Installers, 21».

Have you read all of these features, but none of them you do not have! So Loose sleeves and let me go home! Hey, keeper! What did I say? !!!

© Red Burda


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