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As bio-energy therapists determined where you want the office Yeltsin? Why Khrushchev did not keep books in the workplace? And that was on the table in the office of Nicholas II?

10th place: Nicholas II. The last Russian emperor was more of a family man than a statesman. The office was a large table laden with family photographs and a variety of subjects related to family: leather ashtray, donated by children, tubes and dominoes ...

9th place: Furnishing the cabinet of Peter I was always modest and business: Dutch bureau and a table that was created with the participation of Peter himself. Witnesses often desktop Peter saw artillery instruments and hiking Bavarian clock work.

8th place: Not fond of luxury and Stalin. On his desk there was nothing superfluous. However, when in 1993 was the reconstruction of Stalin's office, it found one extra detail - the secret passage punched in the dungeon. Moreover, it is known that the prince did not enjoy the course. He did not know about it.

7th place: By the end of her life Catherine in his office behind a screen placed a chamber pot, so as not to distract from the Empress of public affairs. By the way, the screen Catherine differed special shine: the elegant wooden screen frames Cushioning Chinese silk with intricate designs.

6th place: The office of the other Catherine - Furtsevoy decorated with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth, with the laconic inscription: "Catherine of Elizabeth." Went to the legend that communicated with Furtsevoy half an hour, the queen turned to her with a request to "Catherine, do not call me Your Majesty, call a friend, Elizabeth┬╗.

5th place: Khrushchev in the office was not a bookcase or the books themselves. But everywhere it was exposed heap of souvenirs - model steam engines, satellites, vases with portraits of Khrushchev. On one of them, Khrushchev was depicted in the form of Lieutenant General.

4th place: Brezhnev books also did not complain, but on the table appeared the famous "horns" - a clock that flashed all photochronicle TASS. By the early 1980s, when Brezhnev had little moved himself to the office he held a personal elevator.

3rd place: Gorbachev launched its presence in the office of a restructuring. Walls tightened silk, brought expensive furniture. However, regularly flowed ceiling.

2nd place: Before locating the cabinet Yeltsin, the Kremlin invited specifically bio-energy therapists with special devices and obscure. Hiking and grunted, they pointed out the place. There is still an office of the President of Russia. Nothing has changed. Putin brought with him only a computer.

1st place: The office was made to Lenin's books. 40 thousand volumes. There was even a special cabinet in which to store and White Guard emigre literature. A phone Lenin were the most technically excellent at the moment: Siemens and Ericsson.


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