How to cheat in the repair of apartments: 5 cases, one of which told the foreman to me!

< Repair of apartments - a very important and responsible process, which can not be passed on to unauthorized persons.

In any event, workers cheated you, but the losses can be minimized if we approach the matter with the mind. Our editorial staff has prepared several useful tips repair, hope they will be useful to you.

Tips for repairs apartments
Purchase of materials
In no case do not trust workers purchase of building materials, even if they will beg you to do that. Often they append to their interest cost, knocking the customer a considerable amount of money. Do not be lazy, study the pricing policy on the market of building materials and shop in the store checked. Shopping Tools
If the workers argue that they need to buy a new tool at your expense - chase in the neck such insolent. Experienced craftsmen sure there are all the necessary tools for the repair of any apartment. apartment as a place of residence of workers
Often brazen workers being asked to live in an apartment, where they make the repair. This encroachment on the square footage should stop immediately. Otherwise, do not be surprised if workers Samaritans will make repairs not only you, but also your neighbors, and even in the nearby vicinity. Then your repair not be delayed by 1 week, and for a few months. Also, do not be surprised if one day you find him in his home near the superintendent's family, who have nowhere to go but to spend the night with you.

Repair Terms strong >
This is a very important point: if the workers swear that they would do everything in just a few days, then you can forget about the quality of repair. The other side of the coin - the workers dragging process. This behavior indicates that you are not their only client and, most likely, they will make repairs to the remaining free time.

Remember, to repair one-bedroom apartment area of ​​20 square meters. m. at the team of three people should not leave more than 1 week.

Negligence of workers
You should always monitor the repair process, especially when hidden Communications tab. Otherwise, you risk to get a socket glued to wallpaper and pipes of cheap plastic.

To avoid problems with repairs, carefully examine all the details and calculate your own estimate. We wish you only pleasant emotions and reliable workers!


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