Chic nails 3 smear: a simple trick for a perfect smooth cover!

You specifically allocated time to a manicure yourself , to look after the skin and have to make up the nails on one hand ... But there comes a time when you need to switch to the other hand, the dominant.

Here the problems begin! Hand shake, hesitant strokes of the brush and failures ... As a result, nails look far from the expected results, and the mood finally spoiled (of course, if there is no nearby piece of chocolate). Familiar with this situation?

Coating varnish at home «Website» will teach you perfectly varnished nails without the help of the wizard. Nothing quality is not done immediately, so advance Mark for procedure time, and the video below is used as a guide.

Get the hand, you can make a home manicure is already much faster, better and significantly save on a visit to the master!

Be sure to tell her friends about these tricks. By the way, you idea - to arrange a bachelorette party manicure ?!


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