Offices of Russian and US officials

In the new issue of Vanity Fair - photo taken by Annie Leibovitz. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (13 th place in the list of the richest people in the world ($ 27 billion) at his workplace in the building of the city council. Working monitors, a lot of papers and a jar of peanut butter next to the keyboard. Next to Bloomberg Vice Mayor Howard Wolfson, Senior Policy Advisor John Feinblatt and police chief of New York Raymond Kelly (right).

But the general form of a study, where Bloomberg and his staff run a huge city (the budget in 2013 - $ 70 billion). This place is called the bullpen.

Who's who in a bullpen (scheme 2010):

1) Michael Bloomberg, mayor
2) Aaron Walker, assistant to Howard Wolfson
3) Scott Schwaitzberg, deputy chief of staff to Howard Wolfson
4) Nancy Cutler, adviser to Patti Harris
5) Ryan Whalen, chief of staff to Howard Wolfson
6) Haeda Mihaltses, director of Intergovernmental Affairs
7) John Feinblatt, criminal-justice coordinator and chief policy adviser
8) Elaine Cassano, assistant
9) Deborah Taylor, policy adviser
10) Vicki Metzger, adviser to Patti Harris
11) Kelvin Baez, help-desk technician
12) Patrick Wehle, director of City Legislative Affairs
13) Ariel Dvorkin, assistant for Policy and Governance
14) Gregorio Mayers, policy adviser
15) Andrea Shapiro Davis, director of the Mayor's Office of Appointments
16) Amanda Konstam, deputy director of Public Affairs
17) Howard Wolfson, deputy mayor for Government Affairs and Communications
18) Jenny Ruvolo, projects coordinator
19) Patti Harris, first deputy mayor
20) Degan Leopold, project coordinator
21) Kim Molstre, adviser to the mayor 22) Michael Cardozo, corporation counsel
23) Joey Koch, counsel
24) Anthony Crowell, counselor to the mayor
25) Jamie Lee, deputy director of Advance
26) Melissa Garcia, assistant to the mayor
27) Mary Sue Daniels, assistant to Anthony Crowell
28) Shea Fink, senior adviser to the mayor
29) Christina Giaccone, deputy director of Scheduling
30) Jake Goldman, Advance
31) Laura Savettiere, director of Scheduling
32) Sophie Graham, director of Advance
33) Jeff Mandel, policy adviser
34) Stu Loeser, press secretary
35) Stephen Goldsmith, deputy mayor for Operations
36) Linda Gibbs, deputy mayor for Health and Human Services
37) Erica Soto, assistant to Patti Harris
38) Dennis Walcott, deputy mayor for Education and Community Development
39) Donna Singleton-Jones, assistant to Linda Gibbs
40) Stephen Sherrill, assistant to Steven Goldsmith
41) Karin McAvoy, assistant to Carol Robles-Roman

Offices of Russian officials:

Head of Karelia, 2011

Minister of Economic Development, 2012

Mayor of Moscow, 2012

Governor of Krasnodar Region, 2008


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