11 most idiotic news of the week

This week we will focus on public safety: the quality of life on death row in Georgia, labor discipline of deputies of Ukrainian Parliament, the elimination of vice in Naberezhnye Chelny and xenophobia in the works of Mark Twain, and suicide prevention in St. Petersburg

1. Let's talk about the rights of consumers. In Georgia, a prisoner on death row filed a lawsuit claiming that the lethal drugs prison staff, which are used for lethal injection on death row, over the shelf life. Health and undermine long.

2. Justice must not punish and rehabilitate, we do not get tired to repeat. So, probably, and the city authorities decided to Naberezhnye Chelny, where February 15 about the day-walled about 40 people in illegal gambling parlors. Workers blocked the exits of three pavilions with concrete slabs. Attempts to push suppressed by police and people who nepedagogichno tried to release players and staff lounges, without explanation taken to the station and held there for several hours. It seems that the authorities wisely decided that sometimes the best way to get rid of temptation - to yield to him, though without self-control enough of the players in the rest of his life. It would be useful to extend the initiative to other human vices and excesses, bricked adultery - in brothels, msheloimstvo - in shopping malls, and vanity - in hairdressing. Moscow journalistic community it would be logical to wall up in the cafe-bar "Mayak", if it has not critically sealed themselves there by itself. [Next]

3. Do not give a person can stumble in many ways, most importantly - indifferent. In St. Petersburg, a 34-year-old man, disillusioned with life, he jumped out of the window of his apartment on the 13th floor. Fortunately, as the authorities of St. Petersburg live, as we know, in harmony with nature and the snow beneath the windows of the unfortunate suicide is not removed from the time of the siege, he fell into the snow, shook himself, got up and went home. In all there must be order and in the north of Venice developed an ecological approach to the regulation of the population. Where it is necessary - from the windows of whitefish. There are also time-honored local customs if life is not sweet - Go wait for sosuli, all.

4. Meanwhile, the rising levels of xenophobia in the British media. It seems sad memorial meerkat Aleksandr Orlov, outrageous parody of the Russian was no accident, but an alarming symptom. Fortunately, the British parents take care of the moral education of their children: they need to remove from the mouse on BBC-rastamanku from the popular children's show, because this transfer racist. Mouse, they say, is a set of stereotypes about blacks. In addition, if the colored children still can not afford to adopt Slang Rastamausa, in the mouths of white children, as they say their parents are concerned, the word "black" sound politically incorrect.

5. Much more progressive approach to the problem in the cradle of democracy. On February 15, America went revised version of "Tom Soyerai Huckleberry Finn", where the word nigger replaced by a slave, a injun - on the Indian. Actually, the story of Mark Twain's famous Ku Klux Klan "Huckleberry Finn" is the fourth in the list of books banned for use in schools in the United States. But it is proven that attempts to ban art only increase his popularity - so much more effective than simply edit. I think Russia should learn from Western experience and pay more attention to the fact that the slip children in Russian schools. I'm not talking about the obscene language in modern literature - reading list need to shake up from the outset that all these Pushkin "Arap" and Lermontov's "Jewess Mlada" not brought up in the young generation revolting racial stereotypes.

6. Speaking of unconventional approach to art criticism: the workers thrown into the dustbin of contemporary work of art in the form of a two-meter fiberglass cactus, which was installed in the park of the city of Albuquerque in the US state of New Mexico. Everyone thought that the cactus, which cost the city authorities in the 50 thousand dollars was stolen, it was the story on the local news, but in fact the workers have simply decided to throw in the trash sculpture, suffered at the hands of vandals. Perhaps a work of art does not satisfy their aesthetic needs, and can be, park workers have found that people's spending 50 thousand to set in New Mexico another cactus - it's just a mockery. I would like to call for a similar Russian consciousness of the working people: let instinct tells Moscow wipers what to do with Peter the Great Zurab Tsereteli and near urban sculptures.

7. labor discipline: the court ruled about the mass brawl that occurred the evening of 16 December 2010 in the session hall of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine between deputies from the Party of Regions and the opposition "BYT-Fatherland". The opposition blocked the rostrum and presidium of the session hall in protest against the institution of criminal proceedings against their leader Yulia Tymoshenko and members of the ruling party with their fists drove them out. The incident was classified as an accident at the plant.

8. Needless to say, the policy - harmful production and avoid accidents is better to take preventive measures. According to unconfirmed information from "reliable source," all officials City Hall staff and the Moscow government will check the level of intelligence. It is also possible that in addition to IQ and computer literacy officials were forced to undergo a lie detector test for compliance with the proceeds referred to in the tax return, and real costs.

9. But do not worry, that the political life after the introduction of intellectual qualifications will cease to be the circus with horses, to which we are accustomed. Even in the unlikely case of the rosiyskih officials will not pass the IQ, a forge political cadres running smoothly: at least it tells us an example of the nearest neighbor of Russia - Ukraine. The new members recently replenished Ukrainian Party of Regions: February 15, it came all the staff officers of the Simferopol state circus named Tezikova headed by director Boris Tezikova. Artists handed membership cards directly in the arena. "We do not want to stay away from political life," - said the chief conductor Alexander circus Tatishvili.

10. Finally, the criminal roundup: Thursday night from a grocery store in the north of Moscow with all the honest people stole the payment terminal - a device to automatically recharge a mobile phone, Internet payment and other services. Two young men came into the room, pulled out of the unit mounts to the floor, loaded into his car and fled. They can be understood in Moscow under the current weather on the street once again I do not want to go. And the culture of everyday life in the XXI century in many cases to avoid, for example, we've been put in their homes washing machines. But what if you like to talk on the phone? Now we know the answer. It remains to steal an ATM, and the problem is solved.

11. Well, the thing about the loss of 726 000 condoms, for which we watched with understandable excitement headway. Recall that the manufacturer, Japan's Sagami Rubber Industries, announced the loss of another 3-February. Products have been packaged in containers in Malaysia, but Tokyo come empty containers. Finally, the Malaysian police have arrested on suspicion of stealing three people. All three suspects - employees factories condoms: interrogate them, Malaysian police came to the conclusion that the abduction of condoms is a major international criminal syndicate. With a sinking heart, waiting for news of the missing party, we are talking about very high-quality product that is 14 percent thinner than usual.



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