About taught helplessness: how to create and implement crisis

Agree, it's silly to talk about the sublime and the person hungry or disadvantaged. It is strange to offer philosophical ideas of the man who walks without shoes and washes his feet.

We know how during wars and financial crises is not easy to convey the idea of constructive confrontation or long-term motivation of the employees through joint work on professional goals. This looks is counterintuitive and it is, in our opinion, brings outstanding results.

That you have all been well here and now + in the future — we need to avoid overloading with unnecessary information and to download the brain working on something that in the long term gives you a strategic advantage.

Today we want to return to this simple idea and expand it in the direction of patterns of behavior that teaches us the incoming stream of information.

  • The automatic reaction of the brain to incoming information
  • Learned helplessness as a result of processing of the masses
  • Other reactions and other behavior produce different results
We constantly hear and read backward sections of the society easily controlled.

In the absence of truthful information is easy to throw information similar to the truth, and to control the masses.

Crises are created and implemented and do not occur independently.

Why is this happening? What to do with it? Why now more than ever it is important not just to learn but to learn to act? Or mass is not about us, and we are not concerned at all?

Take the human brain (not literally, of course, only at the model level). Whatever is happening, some of the functions of the brain is realized in automatic mode: it is faster and from the point of view of the evolution of corny profitable — while people will think, with what point of view to perform rushing at him in the truck, it could be disastrous.

Your brain is trained by evolution to automatically sort the events into 3 vectors:

  • Active / passive (close or not)
  • Dangerous — safe (run/attack or not)
  • Useful — useless (keep or discard)
From the point of view of nature is the minimal set of automatic reactions analysis, which allows the biological species to survive. It seems to be simple and works well. The only trouble is that it works automatically. So — this can be used to control the operation of your brain from the outside.

Make your event active and dangerous to turn on the automatic analyzers of the brain, and then manipulate the description of the event to convince the brain that the event is useful (that is, relates directly to the individual) — and you can create the required chain to be processed by the brain of that individual event and switch the brain in the desired direction.

Where we constantly meet with what is happening (active) and hazardous events? That's right — in the news. And if earlier we talked about the fact that the news is on the TV, now the most progressive part of mankind moved to a different method of news consumption: a social network. We used to let into your circle of attention news from TV, which, over time, learned to refer to the channels are not of a very high level of trust, now we have news on a very confidential channel to your news feed. If we had listened to foreign speakers, but now we listen to the news from friends, trusted much more.

Choosing who to listen to TV, we were able to easily change the channel: on the side no one sees. And off from his "friends" is a socially significant act. Can be offended. And if the friends post news on politics and crisis, war and the dollar?

In the course of medical psychology, there is such a thing as "induced psychosis". For example, if a single woman is forced to take care of clinically ill mother, whether she wants it or not — it is exposed to delusions and conclusions. Listen-you have to. Six months or a year not even a very aggressive mother's delusions and now the woman herself who had informed their point of view, admits in his speech the expression "A mother is not always wrong, by the way... If the cigarette companies put in cigarettes something addictive about this, what's stopping producers of sausages at the plant to pour into the production process, something that will be addictive the consumer?'

Nonsense? With household (not medical) point of view — Yes, brad.

And if all the friends say about the dollar and the crisis as a government conspiracy, more of a strong state — so it's... important?

The negative assessment of events and "the ideology of the flies", in contrast to the "world of bees" does not require a considerable amount of energy. Repost unverified information, followed by personal emotional review — a matter of 2-3 clicks. And because we allow this stream of information to his brain, and he automatically is trying to filter and analyze. Automatically. Evolution tried.

Think about how easy we got off one drug and got more powerful. Previously, we filtered the TV and not took from the hands of speakers information on faith, and now accept a ton of information out of the hands of friends who believe much more.

The brain simply analyzes. He knows how to do it. He can't stand. We are by nature given a very powerful analysis tool. Than to download it — the choice is ours. You can apply for the entry of structured data on how to work and earn more, how to do my job better and to receive from the system "business employee" more interesting and challenging tasks. And you can create the brain absolutely idle, from the point of view of useful exhaust, congestion, and just the grind of empty news, producing the "resource engine" on bad fuel.

But this is only the first part of the problem. In the same psychology there is the term "learned helplessness".

Looking through the news, one gets a vast array of negative information that the brain processes and sorts. Only in nature after an analysis there is a reaction — to flee or not to flee? And what does one do after watching the news on TV (OK, we don't watch the news on TV, we changed the "supplier")? Right — nothing.

Stimulus — is. Danger, crisis, war, MUST LOOK! All bad. That goes for everyone! It's awful. MUST LOOK! This happens outside the circle of your influence (impact on the dollar!), this is a problem removed from you geographically, it's about OTHER people. You can't do anything... the Constant repetition to achieve a robust response: do nothing. You can't, you're helpless. You have taught. Sit look.

On the other hand: imagine the brain as a working body included in a larger system — the first crackdown for analysis and a sharp blow on the brakes of inactivity. The overclocking a shot. The overclocking a shot. Think about what will happen with an engine that will work in this mode, a year or two?

Back again to the idea that people can teach your brain to act one way or another. To teach and retrain, if not understand the effectiveness of the selected mental models.

Think detached. As if giving advice to someone else who behaves like you. You much help the news? Tubes becomes smaller, or give up projects faster? You become smarter, studying the diving dollar? Tomorrow you will be able through this exciting experience be on the market anymore? The hours-long news analysis on the Internet to help you get a more interesting task or project?

In consularly bike: this horse is dead. This model power of his brain useless, but emotionally such delicious news — harmful. It is necessary to climb. published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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