The offices of officials in the countries of the third world

Power - not always a lot of money. Interesting excursion into the offices of the officials of the so-called Third World.

Liberian civil servants in order to survive, are forced apart from regular duties to trade in their offices DVD. Officials in Bolivia buy themselves on their desktop computers. The bureaucrats of the Third World "cool" as may - 20 years ago, the Russian liberals dreamed about the same. Minor officials and civil servants in the Third World live as in the 1990s, called to live the Russian liberals. It was then that Irina Khakamada, Chairman of the State Committee for Support of Small Business in the Chernomyrdin government, civil servants advised that the state does not pay salaries, take more initiative - to collect mushrooms and berries. And Boris Berezovsky, the creator of the current system of Putin's vertical, in his book "How to Make More Money" shared experience with government officials: "Suppose humble servant receives 8 thousand. Rubles per month. One day he picked up volpinistskuyu paper (the kind placebo) and wrote her pas: "From next year, I'll get 10 thousand. Rubles per month, or 120 thousand. Rubles a year." Need to be aware that the universe will give you the requests made and without any action on your part, if only desire has not filed an application for the treacherous "the difficulty of obtaining».

But mushrooms, berries, the universe - everything is good in theory. And as yet, in practice, working bureaucracy of the Third World (photos from the magazine Foreign Policy)?

(Pictured above) Mayor Adolf Dalaney serves Liberian GAI. His salary - $ 20 a month, but one that is, delayed by six months or a year. Dalaney parsing accident grateful road users, if they just settle it 1-2 dollars "to speed up the process».

Alfred Tartea, the head of the Liberian district. Forced to earn money selling his office in the DVD and religious literature. This brings him up to $ 100 a month:

Christian Chea, the governor of Liberia River Gee County. Locals at his own expense he built the office of clay. But at one point in its managed peasants ran out of money, and because office Chea remained without doors and windows:

Josephine George Francis, governor of Liberia Montserrado County, on the money sewed flags that stand in her office - in the budget did not have money for such trappings of power:

Henry Gray, commissioner of the Liberian district Gbaepo. Two years have not been paid, as well as 11 of his subordinates. Only once during that time he managed to knock out for yourself and employees a one-time payment of $ 17 for each:

Marlene Abigahit Choque, a detective in the town of Potosi, Bolivia. Her specialization - investigation into the killings. The only official car at the station was sold to pay salaries to employees. Now for Choque takes a bus:

Policeman Choc-Galarza Mendez gets about $ 140 in Potosi, Bolivia. Of these, 5-10 dollars a month, he has to spend on izgtovlenie billboards at the police station:

Constantino Aya viri Castro - Constable in the Bolivian village Tinkuipayya. He lays a few dollars every month, then to spend the money on the phone to his office:

David Ruiz Coro on boliiyskim standards is considered a very rich man - his salary is $ 340 a month. Corot heads the Department of Public Works. But due to lack of sufficient funding, he was forced to buy a laptop in an office at their own expense:

Ram Yadav wanted to be a history teacher. But, over the past four years he worked as an inspector of police in the province of Bihar, in the Indian state bordering Nepal. Forced to spend up to $ 5 per month for refills:

Om Prakash, served as an officer in the same Indian province of Bihar. In order to survive, are forced to sell tablets visitors in his office:

Deo Prasad, secretary of the village TEXT in the Indian province of Bihar. For several years, the budget does not go money on the device, even the most simple to the cabinet Prasad. So he has to work outdoors:

Left - Veyhang, headman of the village Tsui Chinese in Shandong Province: does not receive a salary. Right - Gonli, secretary of the Communist Party of China in the cell the same village: the salary of 35 dollars a month:

Mohammed Hamid Azeyn, Yemeni clerk to collect water bills in the area of ​​Shibam. Receives 121 dollars a month. At the time of photographing the wages were not paid 5 months:

Alkham Abdulvaze Nazeli works in the Yemeni Ministry of tithing and alms. Salary $ 67 per month:

Well, as a contrast - the offices of civil servants of the First World.

Roger Vacher, a French police officer from the department in Clermont-Ferrand. Monthly salary of 2,200 euros:

Shane Fenton, Texas County Sheriff Crockett (3000 inhabitants). Salary - 3166 dollars a month:

Rudy Flores, Texas Ranger. Salary - $ 5,000 per month:


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