Why do people cry?

Crying - it's so natural for us a phenomenon that many people do not give it much importance. However, we - the only creatures on earth who can cry with or without. No, the animals also have tearing, but it's a reflex. Small animals can not scream while watching a melodrama or joy at the sight of the owner.

Our eyes are equipped with tearful lakes overflow which a drop of salty quickly rolls down his cheek. From the point of view of physiology allocation tear fluid can be explained. It contains a disinfecting agent, which prevents the penetration of infection through the eye. Also lacrimal moisture carries with it some harmful substances to the body, and excess salt.

The ability to cry in a newborn man appears before the laugh, but also not right. Tears from the eyes of the baby start to spill out of 4 - 10 week, while leaping laughter is audible only to five months. By the way, scientists believe that the loud cry was fixed at the person in the process of evolution by natural selection. Firstly, because the baby in time to see my mother, and warm or feed. Secondly, at the cry of the liquid wets the nasopharynx and oral cavity, which further helps protect the baby from viruses and bacteria.

It remains to find out why we cry when they grow up? Why boundless grief or overwhelming joy poured salt streams? Science can not yet with absolute precision to answer these questions, but some work in this area has been going on for a long time. Thus, the American biochemist V.Frey proposed group of subjects viewed melodrama in special glasses with slezopriemnikami. Then the test samples were subjected to a thorough study on the presence of different substances in them.

The scientist was able to discover that the "stress" tears of the protein more than the ordinary reflex. The exact answer to what is needed by the body, it is not yet established, but suggested that using tear fluid removes harmful substances formed during stress. And with tears are allocated and some psychotropic drugs that suppress the stress and anxiety.

However, there is another amazing feature of tears. If a person damaged cranial nerves responsible for lachrymal passage, broken only by the physiological reflex function. The ability to cry on various strong shocks may or may not have lost.

It is believed that often roar, louder and longer than all women. According to studies of Netherlands scientists can conclude that the most "sputum" Chilean bred, then American, Turkish women, Dutch, and complete list Plaks Germans and English. The Russians did not participate in the research. Although many men howler. According to the results of the same studies the most maudlin - Americans, Germans and Nepalese. But the Chinese bite the bullet, but did not cry.

Tears, indeed, relieve stress. However, scientists recommend to cry no more than 20 minutes. Otherwise, can form bags under the eyes, redness, and finally crying could escalate into a tantrum that will aggravate your condition.

Perhaps grief and tears will not help, but the tension exactly snimesh. Weep health!

Tatiana East


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