18 famous actors who went to inconceivable sacrifices for the role. That is quenching!

They say that art, like beauty, requires sacrifice. Many famous actors, for whom the film - not just an empty word, in the name of art were ready to go, it would seem incomprehensible to the victim. Although these famous people in Hollywood know the ins and outs and ate in the cast really is not one dog, they each new role is seen as the first and last.

Team infotainment web portal found in the industry's most notorious daredevils who once staked everything for a fateful role. But worth the game worth the candle? This 20 actors who during the shooting changed beyond recognition. Are you ready to bring such a sacrifice on the altar of art?

Demi Moore, "GI Jane" (1997)
During the preparation for the game in the film present Demi Moore took a baptism of fire. Not only that, the actress shaved her head bald, so she also tasted the hardships of army training.

Jared Leto, 'Chapter 27' (2006)
For the role of the ill-fated killer of John Lennon - Mark Chapman - an actor from a sex symbol zhirdyaya it turned into a manic-depressive tendencies.

Tom Hanks, "Cast Away" (2000)
To play the "outcast", Hanks lost 20 kilograms and grew a beard. It turns out, the actor has repeatedly resorted to such brutal measures, and subsequently earned a type II diabetes.

Dustin Hoffman, "Tootsie" (1982)
For the role in "Tootsie," Hoffman said can be felt, what it means to be a woman in their own skin and, as recognized by the actor, was an invaluable experience.

Robert De Niro's "Raging Bull" (1980)
What is there to conceal the truth, De Niro played a tremendous role of Jake LaMotta ... But the question arises: "What is it worth it?" To pass through itself the image of the famous boxer, actor training daily, increasing muscle mass, and even took part in 3 of these battles. But that's not all ... To play the legendary boxer in his old age, Robert had to add about 30 kilograms.

Ryan Reynolds, "Blade 3: Trinity" (2004)
For the role of Hannibal King in the in the "Blade 3: Trinity," the actor daily pace yourself hours of training and eventually scored 10 kilograms of muscle mass.

Cate Blanchett, "I'm Not There" (2007)
Art made a sophisticated and feminine Kate for the role of a sex change ... fortunately without surgery. The film star Blanchett performs music scene - Bob Dylan.

Robert Downey Jr., "Tropic Thunder" (2008)
For the role in the movie Robert even changed the race and reincarnated as an African American.

Natalie Portman, "Black Swan" (2010)
To play on the 5-plus Portman had to learn ballet. Actress persistently engaged in swimming and ballroom dancing and sat down on carrot-almond diet. Result - Natalie Portman has managed not only to throw 9 kilograms, and get used to the role brilliantly.

Hilary Swank, "Boys Do not Cry" (1999)
In the movie "Boys Do not Cry," she had to play at a guy and a girl who from birth has positioned itself as a Man. To plausibly play a role, Swank plunged headlong into the reading of similar medical cases, and even for some time tried image of a man in his life by pulling the chest and a haircut like a boy. But the game was worth the candle - for his role in the movie "Boys Do not Cry," Hilary received the "Oscar" and "Golden Globe».

Christian Bale, "The Machinist" (2004)
For this role, Bale passed fire, water and copper pipes. I do not believe it, but the actor had to lose 30 kilos. This is despite the fact that Christian and had not complained about the weight.

Charlize Theron, "Monster" (2003)
For "Monster," Theron gained 7 kilos. Makeup artist managed to change the actress beyond recognition.

Rooney Mara, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (2011)
To play the girl-freak, pretty Rooney Mara had to shave off half the hair and do the piercing eyebrows, lips and nostrils.

Gwyneth Paltrow, "Shallow Hal" (2001)
As Gwyneth had while shooting different scenes to be the lean, the fat, the actress trying on the 10-pound suit plump, which was very uncomfortable and hot.

Tom Cruise, "Tropic Thunder" (2008)
For the role in the comic strip Cruz had (with the help of experienced make-up artists) get a bald head and hair on his chest.

Ralph Fiennes, "Harry Potter»
For the role of the legendary villain Fiennes had to shave every day nalyso and wearing pretty awesome makeup, false teeth and nails, which are typically imposed more than 3 hours.

Renee Zellweger, "Bridget Jones's Diary»
During the filming of the two parts of "Bridget Jones's Diary" actress and then recruit and threw off 10-15 kilos.

John Hurt, "The Elephant Man" (1980)
Discarding all the superstitions, the actor with the help of make-up turned into an eccentric man who once lived in Britain. It is worth noting that this image is considered one of the most realistic in the movie.

Now try one more time to give a hint about what the film - it's just pathetic entertainment. These hard workers have proved that it is not. Is it worth it as seriously as they relate to the business - you decide. Share this article with your friends.

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