Europe understands that the problems with the gas to blame Russia

As probably everyone knows already that there is a gas conflict between Ukraine and Russia.
Let us and we will touch on this topic today

Dmitry Strizhenko
In Europe, well aware that Ukraine is technically unable to prevent the delivery of Russian gas to the EU member states.
This was announced by Commissioner President for International Energy Security Bohdan Sokolovsky, who is currently conducting a number of European countries working talks on the situation with the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine, UNIAN.
January 6-7 B. Sokolovsky went to Switzerland and Austria, and tomorrow is going to visit a number of European countries.
"I'm on the basis of the documents proved that Ukraine does not have the slightest opportunity to limit or cut off gas supplies to Ukraine for its transit to European countries", - said Boris Sokolovsky, stressing that the technical possibilities for that is exclusively the Russian Federation, and measuring stations are in the management of "Gazprom».
B. Sokolovsky said that Europe is very active in spreading information that Ukraine is to blame for the reduction and termination of gas supply, but in the EU, he said, "learned to separate lies and truth».
"Our position is understood (in the EU), and understand the difficult situation in which we put our strategic partner," - said Boris Sokolovsky.

From myself:
It just so happens that few people today remember the past, the more bad-when you do not know the "real" past!
Let it be known that the Ukrainian (Europe's largest reserves) Shebelinske gas deposit was sucked in Soviet times most of Russia before the start of large-scale development of the Siberian gaza.Togda no one shouted that someone steals something !!! Of course, to renew spent Ukraine can not.
The situation today was predictable, because Russia - a monopolist, and Ukraine can not adequately respond to the dictates of the price. This plane, and the economic and political!
Propaganda Putin does not go in vain. Chechnya yesterday, today Ukraine is bad, we both steers the ring and into the stall and that all are equally lowing that presents no one who does not delal- was our gas is cheaper than Europe, then so was beneficial not raised transit of Russian gas through Ukraine Black Sea Fleet paying rent is also not at world prices mean it was beneficial to both parties and many others.
Is not it clear that all of the gas problem is not the people's government and which involve ordinary people, and tomorrow what? will this "goby" machine will tell Ukrainian sworn enemy and Holy Russia to attack ?!
Anyway, we need it?

Moscow again disclaims responsibility. Interruptions in gas supplies to Europe? This is all to blame Ukraine. The economic crisis in Russia? What are you, there is no crisis - unless, of course, believe the state media. But even if he was, he was entirely on the conscience of America. Frankly, neither Ukraine nor the United States is indeed not without sin, but this is not important ...
Russia covered corruption and insecurity. Investors started to leave the Russian stock market before the crisis on Wall Street. In 2008, it fell by more than 70 percent.
Putin is busy doing anything but these problems. Domestically, he continues to strengthen his grip. He still has a high rating, but in the case of growth criticism is always a convenient excuse: these enemies abroad - Georgia, Ukraine, West: I always can come up with new threats.


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