Down on the floor with the breeze

In the English city of Sheffield built an unusual stairway. More precisely, not even a ladder, and a tunnel for downhill. And most surprisingly, it is not designed for children and travelers, and to be the adult office workers.

Spiral tunnel called "Helter skelter,". It is made of steel and plastic, its length is greater than 26 meters, height - 12 for the descent from the third floor to the first of seven seconds.

This, of course, cause heart palpitations, but it's all for the better, if you believe the designer Hyamu Toby (Toby Hyam), who claims that the descent is conceived as a "calculated risk." Office Manager Deborah Walsh (Deborah Walsh) thinks that Helter skelter, a great idea and it will be popular - there are always people who want to try it. It is even possible that he will be able to raise the morale of the office workers during the recession.

Of course, the building will remain and the usual stairs - for those who do not want to take risks and never liked to ride a roller coaster. Toby said that in other office buildings Helter skelter, will not be built, which is a pity!


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