Insults kill love.

The only enemy of love, what will prevent the always - is an insult. It can not be combined with the fact that we want to develop love. If you feel that you have to develop love, avoid all kinds of insults. Humiliation of the person, or meaningless criticism and constant quest shortcomings point to these shortcomings with pleasure - this is called an insult. Or in an aggressive spirit to make comments and seek, or in the spirit of disgust sometimes do it. These are the emotions that they offend. And love, here it is destroyed under the influence of these offenses. Insults are compared in the Vedas, a mad elephant. If the mad elephant breaks into a blooming garden of our love, in a very short time there will be a desert. All destroy, crush, break. Ie where love, be careful not to be jealous love, grieve not love.


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