10 facts (10 pics + text)

Where is the line of Karma? What is the biggest source of electricity in the world? What on the surface of our planet's volcanoes? When will the next Earth's collision with a large comet?
On this and many other things you learn from the current selections.

1. Recognizes the official science and space separating the earth's atmosphere band called the Karma, and is located approximately 62 miles from the surface of our planet. Above: This picture taken at an oblique angle greatly over Africa, shows the Earth's atmosphere. (JPL / UCSD / JSC / NASA).

2. The largest source of electricity in the world is coal, thanks to which in 2001 produced 35% of electricity by 2025, this figure should reach 31%. By producing electricity teploeletrostantsii ranked first hydroelectric power station - the second and the third - the nuclear station. Upstairs: This night shot of the Earth was composed of more than 400 satellite images. (NASA).

3. On the surface of the Earth about 540 volcanoes known to mankind. Scientists do not know how much more is under the waters of the seas and oceans. Currently on the planet about 20 volcanoes erupt. Upstairs: Cleveland Volcano in Alaska erupts ash pillar of May 23, 2006. (NASA).

4. The average annual temperature in Antarctica has risen 1 degree over the past 50 years - but its glaciers are melting much faster than expected. A study conducted in February showed that the areas of melting glaciers were much more extensive than the scientists believe. Upstairs: a satellite image shows the ice in the Antarctic Peninsula 13 December 2008 on the left and 2 January 2009 on the right. (NASA).


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