Stupid inventions (20 pics + text)

This bras. Please note that for full-scale testing of devices on the beach had yet to hire kaskadёrshu, the wife of the inventor agreed only to stand, could not jump.

Continuing the same theme. Just imagine that you have a small child, he fell asleep in the warm and breathable mother's breast, and you urgently need to withdraw the case. The problem can be easily solved - warm and breathable, but still with a bang imitating the sound of the heart, quasi-mother's breast. If you decide to use, do not be surprised that the grown child 20 years will lead to the house of a rubber woman.

So, for the children. Many parents want their children from infancy have chosen a future professsiyu. For example, the kid on the left is sure to become a riveter at the construction of a skyscraper or a window washer in the same place, he gets used to the altitude from infancy. The kid will be on the right, like my father, a hockey player.

Remember the old children's anecdote about a man who loved to smoke, that's just smoke and would, in any conditions? .. That such a person is shown in the following pictures. He always smokes, apparently, even in areas where smoking is not allowed, the mouthpiece sticking out the window. Or ventilation.

That we still know about this character? It can in one sitting smoke the whole pack on a romantic date for him there is nothing better than to smoke with the chosen one of his heart one cigarette for two

In the rain, he also smokes. And he is very lazy.

That is also a very useful invention. Are you going to, for example, to drive home late at night from work, and drops by the car keys on the ground. Under normal circumstances, would have to look to the touch, but the problem is easily solved if you have a machine installed glowing wheels. Or again in the evening to find the car in the parking lot easier if the wheels are off. A police car can be, for example, the blue flashing lights in the wheels stick.

Well, when about a machine that allows you to fend off gangsters from around the corner, many have heard, the case demonstrates several antigrabitelskaya me approach to fighting crime. Comes to you in the alley thug, and you throw out all of her purse on the ground and while he collects aborted, runs away. Hmmm.

Self-propelled surf. Motor, batteries, controls - all within the board. It is strange that in the Bond films have not used it.

I always knew that vegetarians - evil tormentors vegetables, and now I know it for sure.

Scientology guru Ron Hubbard demonstrates his inhumane experiments on tomatoes. He argues that these experiments found that tomatoes cry when they cut.

The device, which allows completely withdraw rodents in your home. Every minute he utters cat PNE, and all rats mice flee from.

I hope you enjoyed. Already on any better than grow eyes to the TV.


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