My dad (36 photos)

My dad

My dad beautiful
And strong as an elephant.
Favorite, attentive,
Caressing it.

I look forward to
Dad from work.
Always in my portfolio
He brings something.

My dad resourceful,
Smart and bold.
Him on the shoulder
Even tricky business.

He also - varmint,
Mischievous and prankish.
With him my every day
Becomes a celebration.

My dad funny,
But strict and honest.
With him books to read
And interesting to play.

And boring without the pope
Sledge ride.
No one knows how
So laugh out loud.

My dad - a magician,
He is the most good.
He suddenly turns
In what you ask.

He can become a clown,
Tiger, giraffe.
But best of all
He knows how to be a dad.

I hug him
And quietly whisper:
 - My Daddy, I love you
Hard to love!

You're the most caring,
You're good, you're the best
And you're my only!

Lika Razumov


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