Why there hair?

Yesterday a friend said:
 - Imagine, Masha, I recently wash in the bathroom and close the door forgotten. Here runs my four-year-daughter, bored her a minute without a mother can not. I saw my hair and let's pubic questions to ask, why yes why. And I, instead of just stupid to stop questioning, poumnichat and decided to tell the truth.
I ask:
 - What other truth?
 - What-what! Present. I say: "In the past, when people were wild and lived in the woods, they were head to toe covered with hair. And then it took them somewhere in the woods to escape, and to all their branches and scratched. Is that clear? "She says:" It is clear ».
 - What?
 - Never mind! The next day, all kindergarten came running to see the aunt, whose pubic hair to grow so that it is not scratched when running through the woods.


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