Iron logic

At three years old granddaughter with a little. In this Age of pearls from the series "naroshno not pridumaesh" They (children) or just throw every step.
Yesterday my daughter to the ambulance was taken to hospital - Complications of pregnancy. Examined, like okay, but a week or two will have to lie down. Granddaughter talking with my mother on the phone:
 - Mom, are you coming home today?
 - No, the doctor will not let me.
 - Why?
 - I have a tummy ache.
 - I also have a tummy ache. Can I, too, will lie with you in the hospital?
Today my wife and I went for her granddaughter, otherwise the pope would have to ask for leave from work. On the way back we stopped at the hospital. Came home, it's time for dinner. From potatoes with a chop refuses trbuet yogurt. Agreed that eat some potatoes and chop, then get yogurt. First eat, then again whims. Wife persuades eat another piece polvinku kartoshinu and burgers - "for my mother to her quickly discharged." Rolling, gets his yogurt. Sitting on his little stool eating. A drop of yogurt drops to the floor.
 - Grandfather, look, yogurt on the floor.
 - Nothing, then wipe off, but do not tread.
 - Why?
 - Socks are dirty.
 - Nothing can be washed.
 - You're going to wash?
 - No, mom will wash.
 - So she's in the hospital.
 - But I ate potatoes.
And rightly so - the iron logic: eat potatoes, then - my mother will soon be discharged.


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