Catch phrase [1]

Very often our generation uses common catch phrase, even without knowing their origin.

Scapegoat ~

Once upon a time there was a Jewish ritual "absolution of all the people." The priest laid his hands on the head of a live goat, thereby allegedly releasing the sins of the people. After the animal is released into the wilderness. Now this ritual is no longer there, but the expression is still there.

Trin-grass ~

Initially, the name says "Tyn-grass", if translated - & gt; "Podzabornaya grass", that is, no one is not desired weed.

Master cabbage ~

Sour soup - a simple peasant food (as I scrambled eggs), consisting of cabbage and water. Cook it as two fingers on the asphalt ~ If someone called "Master cabbage", which meant that a person hands from one place and it is not what is not necessary.

Put a pig ~

This expression is due to religious reasons (because some people because of their faith do not eat pork). And if they quietly in havchik put a pork - you can desecrate their faith.

Throw stones ~

This expression means accusation. So to accuse someone in something.

Crow in peacock feathers ~

Appeared in Krylov's fable "The Crow."


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