He enticed and left

Women - abnormal creatures. It is a pity that it comes at once.
And it turns out that his wife lives with you - the same idiot, like other femmes.
History rasskazanaya my wife.
Do you remember the Marina? (The former best friend of my wife)
 - How could I not remember what happened to her?
 - Oh, it's terrible, you can not imagine! And then the story itself. In short, one man invited to relax in Marina Croatia. A guy in years, with a paunch, and so on, but the girl Marina grip and no stomach does not convince her not to go to Croatia, it's on the ball! Then excuse me, not to the aesthetic niceties. Went means the Marina to enjoy the sea and Mediterranean cuisine, eating - drinking there for a week and even found herself what the Yugoslavs, athletic, tanned, etc. and lead him to his horn & quot; uncle & quot ;.
Uncle clearly put offended, put the room all her things and paid for the hotel and flew away.
And a Yugoslav, realizing that there is no money Marina also dumped.
And Marina was left on another shore, no money, no ticket, no hotel.
Actually there is nothing surprising happened. Very cool, it was my wife's comment:
Can you imagine, that's a bastard - picked up and left!
I, reasonably believing that bastard is sbezhavschy Yugoslav, answer: Yes, they are Yugoslavs, Roma almost ...
What my wife indignantly:
And then the Yugoslav! Goat from the belly, who lured her into this fucking Croatia! I picked up and drove off! That bastard!


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