That's right, and get

New service from "Oriflame": you buy and load brasmatik get a driver's license category "B».
We are teaching children in a driving school, and a group of girls was 9. One of them drove the car, I do not like Belmondo, but better than most kids, and the other eight - they were afraid of the car as the rapist.
And they eventually udumali to pass the driving test in MREO.
It was winter, dark. To sit down behind the wheel of the first one that is able to drive, the exam passes. Inspector stared straight ahead and quietly waiting for the next one. She goes out with the following changes coat and hat, sits down and delivers the next one. And so eight times.
And this is the woman worked as a distributor of "Oriflame", and all eight halyavschitsy bought her just on all the new brasmatiku.
This little thing is worth five bucks. True bribe for exam is not too seriously in terms of - 30 bucks, but the economic effect - 500%!


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