Do not worry!

Gathered here to sell the car. Advertised, and all that. Began to ring buyers. Yesterday she calls. Half an hour interrogates, if I had a neat machine, what color obivochka seats, a skunk aroma I hang etc. Today comes to me at work to watch the car, and I did not mean to make a vacuum and dry-cleaning - it did not have time to wash. Meticulously examines the interior. I say, they say, do not worry, what's a little dusty, the sale of all will be chiki-Drik. But, I say, but there is a super bonus: I do not smoke and I certainly do not allow passengers in the cabin and therefore does not stink and absolutely no burns or some spots. What girl looks up in surprise and issues:
 - Well, that's not you worry! If I buy it, she immediately all the stinking, there appear all sorts of blemishes and all!


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