On one of the women's forums, I threw the topic: Why run away from their husbands, seemingly good wives to the bitch? Subject blew community. Moreover, every second woman earnestly declare that bitch men run away for a while. Knocking lust, they will be returned. And here, they say, comes the turn of a woman to decide whether to accept it back.

Women's mine, dear! You can fool me, other members of the community to read such comments, but why deceive ourselves? All of you, sorry, here duharites: "Good riddance. a better faithful will not be lost! ", and themselves each night sprinkles pillow hot tears. Cheloveki- animal guys! Stay odnomu- is unnatural. And you with his emancipation do all that in his old age only with their cats for a walk in the autumn park. Because no one else around you will not. You think you really need to your children? Do not comfort yourself, my dear. Children have their own life. They are not up to you. You are quite forgotten how to value the second half, once again you are too lazy prigolubit husband, to give him something nice.

Jumping married, you think you grasped God's beard, and now is not necessarily to like half. You are stuffing their bellies at night greasy food, warp before her husband in torn breeches, pats on the phone for hours with friends or sitting on the Internet. And then I was surprised to learn that her husband, it turns out, that rascal, as a true and exchanged fuzzy on some bitch. Moreover, you have completely forgotten about his main oruzhie- weakness and insecurity. And instead of letting a fugitive regret themselves are like the corporal on the parade ground, which alone is able, yelling loudly.

My dear, but you do not have these in the girl! And you do not have loved such what you have been in a marriage. Do not be fooled, one worse! And think carefully what can be done to old age does not touch you with its icy wind. Sorry again if someone offended. Honestly, I did not want it.


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