Not correct instruction

My first wife, even before it become, went with my parents - my future mother-and father-in, relax savage to the Baltic (it is somewhere the beginning of the 70s of the last century). I gave her my camera with me, then together to enjoy the delights of the Baltic landscape. Camera (who remembers - what "Sharp") gave detailed instructions for use, especially painted, how to load the film. She brought me the five reels. Closes in the bathroom, I begin to emerge. I feel - that something is not right. All films are black. I begin interrogation. Somewhere in an hour interrogation get to the truth. Then the film is not always sold in cartridges. Most often it was just a roll, sometimes a roll on the reel, which she had with him. So here it is, following the instructions, the film is inserted into the camera in a tent and in the evening to light up and to see what does - light flashlight YOURSELF! Naturally, I turned out to be wrong - that in the dark you need to charge the written instructions, and shine a flashlight that you can not - no! But such was not the blonde! Thank God, now someone else pleases the intellect.


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