Women's talk

The city bus, there are two ladies, both elegantly dressed in fur coats, fox in one, the other in Pestsovaya and are "elegant conversation" of this type:
 - Something my masseuse recently spilled, just ugly works, I want to find another.
 - I'll give you my phone masseuses, acupuncture and it has ...
Well, and so on. N. And next to the seat collapsed and sleep two drunk: muzzle broken, torn clothes, reeking of fumes on the whole bus. I even thought that Istra, it turns out, a city of contrasts. Suddenly, one of the stops on the elegant ladies pushing drunks dragged out them out, and I see how L holds his sleeve, and he was leaning on her, dragged on wobbly legs, and simply drag n the snow uhvatv his armpits. Yes, Istria - a city of contrasts even more than you would expect. And still wondering: who pays for coats and masseuses.


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