Retro invention

The most unusual retro-invention.

Family bike with a sewing machine (USA, 1939)

Nogosiped (USA, 1934)

Amphibious bicycle, and you can go on land and on water, the maximum "payload" on the water 120 kg (France, 1932)

Motoloshad useful for learning to ride a horse (Italy, 1933)

Unicycle bike, the maximum speed of 150 km / h (Italy, 1931)

"Lifejacket" from bicycle tires (Germany, 1925)

Hat Radio (USA 1931)

Sliding van (France, 1934)

Supine piano for bedridden (UK, 1935)

Reading glasses lying (England, 1936)

Jacket with electric heating (USA, 1932)

Car-roly-poly, can ride on slopes up to 65 degrees (UK, 1936)

Car with a shovel for pedestrians, to reduce the number of victims (Paris, 1924)

«GPS-navigator" of the sample in 1932 to scroll the map, scroll speed depends on the speed of the car

Folding bridge for emergencies, transported on a trolley (Netherlands, 1926)

Protective mask in case of snowstorms (Canada, 1939)

Pushchair in case of gas attack (England, 1938)

Fotorevolver, removed when the trigger is pulled (USA, 1938)

Mouthpiece for smoking in the rain (1931)

Double die for especially heavy smokers (1932)

Cellophane blanket for a healthy tan, protects against UV and erosion (1932)

"Lie detector" for banks. The principle of operation of the alarm for banks, developed in the early 30s, similar to the principle of the lie detector: if a man approached the window deeply moved he quickened heartbeat, an alarm sounds.

The unit for measuring head and recording contours of the face (1933) - that's where Barker got the idea Pinhead.

Soviet parachute for military dogs (1935)

Umbrella with a "windshield" in case of rain with wind (US, 1936)

Service for drivers, triggered by the decline of the head (1936)

Nashlyapny Compass (1936)

Cigarette case for nudists (1938)

A device for walking on water (1938)

License plates with special identification marks for the worst offenders (USA, 1939)

Device to teach a child walking (Switzerland, 1939)

Suit for contrast tanning (USA, 1940)

Compress with ice against a hangover, invented in 1947 by an employee of Max Factor for Hollywood actresses.

Mobile Ashtray (USA, 1950)

Even more mobile ashtray, worn on a cigarette (US, 1950)

Sobakomobil with an engine power of one dog (USA 1939)

Kotokolyaska. Power - 1 cat power train a cat to complete (1938)


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