New Moon 01/10/2016. "On the path to perfection"

Moon January 10, 2016 takes place in 20 degrees of Capricorn:
"Monkey in the mirror," Subject imitation, as something very symbolic, before the onset of the year, "Fire Monkey" directly related to the concept of evolution.

The mood that sets the new moon is purely practical and business - to achieve results, to embody ideas. First and foremost, those who are categorized as "well forgotten" intentions.

Turns topic great ambitions. The grandiose and ambitious plans are very attractive (especially for Capricorns and Virgos). Think about the price, not only in money, more - in terms of time and attention, vital forces.

What is a resource and tips for you on this fork. You may have to jump over your head?

But one way or another - have a chance to meet with the required flow (idea, plan), up
upstairs success, those who feel the moment, needs others. From the relativity of people have power and authority, this relationship with reality is now seen as the ability to transmit and respond to generosity.

The point of the new moon is in the Nakshatra "Purvasadha", which gives the force of interaction, but initiates adventurous, risky activities. "It strengthens the prison and destroys wealth ... (medieval sources)»

There are three important astrological events that determine the nature of the lunar month

This activates the New Moon squaring Pluto - Uranus. Aspect is not new, actively operating for the past two years, the one from which the shaking is not very civilized and human society.

The current worsening - one of the final "bumps", which is destined to test the strength of the bond structures and their own imperfections. First of all, you can feel hypocrisy, especially in any binding relationship.

And it's the second significant phenomenon - Saturn conjunct Venus in the current map of the new moon. He brings to life a lot of constructive. It is in some sense of sight, deliverance from illusions, false calculations.

Dropping husks and not the present. It remains the point. A wonderful chance to put things in order in his personal life, to see the difference between true and false motives, take the right attitude. And in the future - do a lot of work, putting future success.

Venus is in the sign of Sagittarius, is during January, and it is a good opportunity to accept the authority of tradition, pay attention to the real prospects for relations.
The ability to meet friends, especially senior and seasoned experience in long journeys, as allies in the search for wisdom. On the positive side - to find a suitable form for the realization of talents, mentor, teacher practice.

Unsolved problems returned. Themes Retro Retro Mercury and Jupiter are activated point of the new moon, it is perhaps the most important theme of the entire month.
Starting a long-term process of restructuring the institutions, and above all what is related to the management, organization.

Become visible principle and strategic miscalculations, an urgent need to fix something. There Rethinking.

Uranus turns direct in motion a new wave comes into the world, and this "new" requires a space in the mind. We are faced with periodic-permanent phenomenon, when the old and familiar formulas, methods no longer work. Come new opportunities, and they have yet to identify.

And perhaps it is when you open up this new. So it can be solved old problems. If you are up to something in January, the successful resolution of the situation depends on the thoroughness of preparation. Now is not the time for radical action.

There should be a clear picture of what is happening, if you want something currently achieved. To take on more than you can - is fraught with congestion in the very near future. This applies to the liability of the field work. After all, there are also consequences. Think a few times before you start something, to initiate.

The likelihood that circumstances will contribute to the plans, even more negative than zero.
Mindfulness is manifest in tracking sentiments of others. It makes no sense to prove something, to intensify and spread. Way is now closed.

Useful to just sit down and reflect, to find approaches allies ways to bring understanding. Hasty speech will result in the need to start all over again.

And it will be useful to keep a distance with people who are overly active, create a disturbing influence. At least until then, until you understand their needs. Looking for a specific framework convention, which will direct interaction in a certain way.

In political terms, it is very manifest syndrome "lame duck", and this duck can think of herself that she is very playful and active.

The situation is the future of the March eclipses causes and clues are beginning to unfold now. This is the theme of an old recycling (ideas, idols, ideologies).

At the latitude of Kiev dates Mars and Scorpio, clearly visible important topics in power, the president personally, MS new moon exactly on the Sun card of Ukraine. And it may indicate the start of an important period, the urgent need to make important decisions. The situation is a challenge.

Topics of these short-lived - the period of 2-3 months, and can be designated as the "Great Purge". Ignoring problems, detachment from reality can have dire results.

January 2016 January Transit situation is very intense and tense. If you picked up the flow of events, the circumstances do not give to relax.

2-3 January Tau square Uranus-Moon, the Sun, Pluto, a significant stress load on the weak points. The high probability of violation of the plans.

4.01 Ingression Mars in Scorpio, amplify volitional manifestations, clarity and reasonableness of actions, a tendency to experiment.

3-6.01 Mercury (parking and turning in Aquarius), squaring to Mars - for a brief moment there are new themes, critical spirit, provocation, verbal aggressiveness. Poor management, plans and rash judgments. Slows Affairs, the passage of information, the activity becomes a different direction.

4-5.01 Venus in quadrature with Neptune - divergence desires and reality. Erroneous sympathy, questionable elections.

6-7.01 Sun in conjunction with Pluto, squaring Uranus. Increases the tension, the pressure of circumstances. The tendency to excess.

7-8 Venus joins Saturn. Emotional difficulties, testing for any unions relations.

10.01 New Moon

11.01 Bisekstil Venus - Uranus - the moon, the possibility of support, structural findings, collective tasks resonate

13-14 Sun in conjunction retro Mercury trine to Jupiter retro, important information, contacts and appointments.

20.01 The Sun in Aquarius, the connection retro Mercury and Pluto. Manifestations of stubbornness, high tension. The complex implementation. Information can play a destructive role.

22.01 tau Square Mercury - Uranus - the moon changes (the violation) plans, technical difficulties.

24.01 Full Moon

25.01 Big trine Uranus, Saturn - Moon design features proper organization, the realization of potential. Time tells the correct accents

30.01 Tau square Mercury, Pluto - Uranus - the Moon. The possibility of stress, difficulties with the information communications. The need to change something.


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