Original gift with their own hands

Making a gift of soap with his hands.
Look further instruction.

In the photo: cube soap base, colorants, fragrance. Purchased from a local soap-boiler for 400 rubles; enough for a dozen soaps to 100 grams, but our task is a little different, and you need a lot of soap ...

Cut into small cubes basis and then pile up in the tank. Tactilely very nice stuff. It contains all sorts of essential oils.

form tide -figurka Superman

pour everything into a plastic jar of ice cream, put everything in boiling water.

Cut the edge of the package, connect everything and sealing the seams. From the first time to cook the soap did not work. The whole problem was in the form - it is much leaked. Soap per night flowed through the cracks, and ended up getting ugly.

had to clean off and re-stick it 3 times, selecting different adhesives. Not yet achieved results using sealant.

desktop-soap-boiler erotomaniac

as I said, the material is very pleasant to work soap cubes reflect light, of which can be folded funny song or even build a wall

then I Skoch primotat form in position in the pan, so that if all flock there.

Became filled with hot soap layers, each layer tinting and adding flavor. Between layers immured in soap Superman figure, my friend big fan of cartoons and such a thing should be like him)))

The next morning the first thing I did was cut the halves of the mold - and ready to gift!


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