The frost thrown 300 thousand chickens perish (4 photos)

Since December 10, at the poultry farm "Krasnaya Polyana" (Kursk region, Zheleznogorsk district, p. Studenok) destroyed more than 300 thousand broiler chickens. They have nothing to feed. December 14 poultry farm workers in tears even destroyed 40,000 day-old chicks.

Adult broiler chicks thrown into a pit and buried a tractor plow.
And the little chicks weeping female attendant to throw hundreds of thousands of barrels and pour the cold water.

Who did this?

1. Tax Inspectorate for 3 million rubles of debt of bankrupt companies with a turnover of 120 million per month - without giving any chance to repay the debt (when the bankruptcy procedure is started, then it is impossible to do). The law is written so that with a strong desire of the court and the tax inspectorate can bankrupt even the "Gazprom" for the debt of 100 thousand rubles.

2. People Governor Mikhailov, who cried in court that it is necessary to close a poultry farm.

3. The Arbitration Court of Kursk Region, which is in violation of the law on bankruptcy led him to act in the immediate execution (but not after 9 months as required by law). Actions of the court, which is seized even property related businesses, so that they could not get loans and to help the poultry farm.

4. The administrator, who having come to the territory of poultry farms demanded its immediate stop and remove all workers from the territory of the enterprise. On the question to him: "We have a leave, and who will feed the chickens?" He would not have cared less - who will feed them and care for them.


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