But what a panic I know firsthand. When I was 15, I, my girlfriend and her friend were in a two-room apartment. Summer heat. I was attacked by drowsiness. I lay in another room. A minute later I felt a wild fear. I oblilo then, somehow cold. My whole body seemed numb, as if I could feel it, but could not move. I opened my eyes and saw a man of the ordinary, but some gray as on the negative, he was dressed all in black. While he looked at me, I tried to scream. I never in my life experienced such horror. After two minutes (approximately), he suddenly jumped on my legs and slowly began to creep over me. And I could scream. There were shouts of my girlfriend, so I opened it, and her friend began to break down the door. I was able to turn his head (let paralysis, but it was very hard to move), the heck was closed (I did not close it). I turned my head and locked eyes with the man which have stood on all fours over me, silent. He disappeared. My friends broke down the door. Their story sounded. About 2 hours there was silence, and then there was me cry, they rushed to me. When the door was broken, I was lying with a green face, and they thought that I skiff. Generally, knocking everything in a nightmare, the story quickly forgotten. Two years later, in the beginning of autumn, for whatever reason (can not remember), I went to bed at 5 am. Everything happens again. Again, the same terror, sweat, paralysis. This time, he was sitting on the edge away from me and just stared. Then he disappeared. For me, it did not last more than a minute, the clock was 6:10. This meeting, I did not find a logical explanation.


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