Legend camp.

40 years ago in one camp came a girl of about 13, call Eley. In the camp she did not like it and especially do not like people that live in it. But so it happened that she liked a boy, whose name is unknown.

They loved each other, but given the fact that apart from the guy Ale no one talked, the girl did not like. The guy did not want to lose popularity and threw Ale. The girl could not go through this grief and crying like never in my life. In her mind was a suicide. Once she saw how the guy kisses the other and thought about suicide broke out with renewed vigor. Sobbing, she went down to the dock, along the way taking a rope and a large stone. By boat to the middle of the lake, the girl was lying for a long time and cried, scratching nails on the side of the boat. Good think about it, she tied a stone to his leg and drowned himself. The girl was looking for about 3 days, on day 4 Head unit saw a boat in the middle of the lake and immediately realized what had happened. At the place where the boat sank team of divers. Underwater found the same rock and rope, and the girl herself - no. Many people thought and still think that she escaped, but strange things began to happen.

A month after the disaster opened the swimming season. One of the girls swam away and, lying on his back, relaxed, suddenly she felt her pulling someone's hair in the water. From fright girl lost consciousness after she was found alive, but badly frightened. Just after 4 years, 3 squad with the counselor decided to take a couple of boats and swim to the other shore. Do they have decided tonight. Before they swim to the middle as it began a violent thunderstorm and rain, and as they saw the very Ale, which stood in the middle of the water and wept bitter tears. Fearing squad hurriedly fled ottuda.Posle story, I laughed, but one added that there is evidence that he showed me utrom.Vo First, the marks of the nails in the trees. My friend said that the spirit of Eli still leaves traces. Later I learned that it does not Ale, and climbers extract the juice from the trees. Secondly, he showed me the very same boat, which was El, there were indeed traces of polish. And the last fact - is the lake itself. When you go down to it, it disappears cellular disables any technique, about the Internet, I generally keep quiet. This place is something in itself harbors.


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