The tent city of homeless Americans

Just a few miles from Manhattan is a homemade tent city that resembles a Great Depression in the United States. It was built in the woods of New Jersey, a small community of homeless Americans. Today the camp is home to more than 50 people.

Unfortunately, while the tip of the Washington government disputes trillion debt of the country, desperate population, "the town of Broken Dreams" is growing every day.

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1. Many in this camp just trying to survive. How, for example, 54-year-old Charlie Eriksson, who has lunch near his home.

2. Each American who lives in this community, lost their homes and work during the financial crisis.

In fact, these people live at the mercy of the church and the local restaurants that treat them kindly. In fact, the community of homeless tent city - a measure of the burning problems of the society, which has to fight the most powerful country in the world.

One of the residents of the tent camp, 43-year-old Bart Hout says that for years he was leaving and returning to the camp. Now a former employee of the hotel and his wife, Barbara, a former teacher, live in a makeshift tent, tepee-style Wild West. Because of financial difficulties, they were forced to ustanaslivat it in different places: on public land, in the yard of the church, near the closed shops. First, the pair helped the relatives and friends, but this support was soon over. Currently, the family is trying to get back on their feet. Together with the administration of the camp, they are hoping for their imminent inclusion in the Social Security program or assistance in purchasing housing.

Broken heavy blows of fate, the inhabitants of the camp every day to survive without such necessary conditions for the people as a daily meal and a roof over his head.
The tent city is functioning as a normal city, its leadership is elected by democratic elections, which are attended by all members of the community. At this moment the town run by a former preacher Steve Brigham. It took the church ordained eight years ago, but soon gave it up to help the ever-growing community of town for the homeless.

All residents have agreed to adhere strictly to the rule: not to fight, to perform community service in the camp, clean it, and keep quiet after 22 hours.

3. On pictures 33-year-old Cynthia Berlinger and 39-year-old Elwood Hayrs inside a newly built home in the woods.

At this time, we conducted the proceedings between the camp and the local authorities, who are trying by all means to demolish the town. The matter of the proceedings was assigned to the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Community interests in court is a local lawyer who works on it for free.

In Steve requirements include the provision of purpose-built housing for the homeless district where it would be possible "to rest, dry off and get back on their feet, to return to society." According to Brigham, they have a gasoline generator, which heats the water for showers and washing dishes.

The community itself is made up of people of different nationalities: there is Poles and Mexicans, Irish, African-Americans and other Europeans.

During calm camp are responsible 8 women. One understands that this is the struggle for survival showed her how nice to have your own home and live in the comfort of home.

4.The photo shows a shack. It is the home of the homeless. He also provided his car to the community of the town.

Outside of camps, mainly depends on a voluntary Steve and his assistants, but their main task is to keep the town in the hope of a better life.

The head of the camp and told us that they built the chapel of canvas and old boards. In the summer, the service runs on the street. It is not necessary for them to attend, but the peace of mind and hope to move into the souls of men in prayer, help the homeless survive the most difficult moments of their lives.

For many residents of the town, the camp is far preferable to help the benefits they receive from the government.

5.The photos Family Hut - Bart and his wife Barbara. Couple sitting near his temporary home in the woods of Lakewood. Burt argues that the assistance that it provides the community, rather enough to stay. They get everything you need: food, water and shelter. This situation has helped them to realize the insignificance of domestic helpers in human life.

6.Dushevaya cabin and a gasoline generator. This booth residents built themselves. First they dug a well with water and then pumped it a heater that villagers could take a shower.



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