20 most beautiful winter landscapes from around the world. It's just something like a fairy tale!

Any time of the year in its own fine. And the winter - is no exception. When you look at these fascinating winter landscapes, you know that winter is also rich colors. All around shines and enchants with its beauty. It's 20 most beautiful winter camps from around the world. Travel with . B>

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
In winter, this well-preserved medieval village turns into something like a fairy tale.

Ski Mount Buller, Australia
Mount Buller - one of the few places in Australia where you can find frequent snowfalls. This snowy mountain area is popular with skiers and snowboarders.

El Chalten, Argentina
It is surrounded by mountains place is very popular among fans of hiking in the summer. In the winter here but locals virtually no soul.

Queenstown is built around beautiful Lake Wakatipu, offering spectacular views of the mountains Walter Peak and the Remarkables.

Stramberk, Czech Republic
Štramberk located on the slopes of wooded mountains, where there is a magnificent medieval tower, which still dominates the town. Beautiful wooden homes to help local residents stay warm even in the coldest winter months.

Shirakawa-go, Japan
Shirakawa-go - a small village, known for incredibly steep roofs of local homes. These roofs can bear the greatest snowfalls.

Damüls, Austria
This is the most snowy place in Europe. In addition, this tiny town with a population of about 300 people is a popular tourist resort.

Serfaus, Austria
There is historical evidence that this beautiful area has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. Then this town was used as a pasture. Now it is a popular ski resort.

Marlow, England
This small town in the south of the English county of Buckinghamshire is located on the River Thames. Although it is close to London when you come here in the winter, if you find yourself in a different world.

Vyborg, Russia
Vyborg is located on the border of Russia and Finland, and is surrounded by the Saimaa Canal, which freezes in winter. From the castle tower you can see the beautiful panorama of the snow-covered city.

Bamberg, Germany
The magnificent city center of Bamberg is considered a World Heritage site. The first settlement in the area dates back to the year 902 AD. It is a pleasure to walk this medieval town in the winter!

Hallstatt, Austria
This town, which consists of 5,000 residents - one of the most beautiful resorts in the area. Near the town is a beautiful lake Bled.

Siglufordur Iceland
Siglufordur - a small fishing town, which is surrounded by gigantic mountains. This quaint village you would not be reached by land almost until 1940, has not yet been dug a long tunnel.

Funes, Italy
Surrounded by the Italian Alps, Funes annually shining white snow crystals.

Reine, Norway
This quaint fishing village, located on the beautiful island of the Arctic Moskenesøya. The population here is approximately 329-year-man, but this place is rightly recognized as one of the most beautiful in Norway. You'll understand why when you visit the village in the winter!

Cagliari, Italy
Cagliari built in the picturesque hills of Campania. The city is a maze of historic houses and cobblestone streets, which become more attractive to tourists after a snowfall.

Zermatt, Switzerland
Zermatt is located in a picturesque valley at an altitude of 1525 meters. Sometimes it is difficult to see the layer of snow over the rooftops.

Qaqortoq, Greenland
This area was inhabited about 4300 years. The modern city is famous for its colorful houses, which contrast sharply with the white snow.

Shishilyan, France
From this lovely town has a beautiful view of the French Prealpy. This place is especially beautiful in winter.

Langviz, Switzerland
This small town, with a population consisting of a few hundred inhabitants, situated on the edge of the valley Langviz. Town guests have a great opportunity to ride on the train on the valley among the snow-covered landscapes.

Engelberg, Switzerland
Engelberg - a resort town on one side surrounded by the Alps, and on the other - the crystal waters of the four local lakes.

From this blinding beauty just do not look away! Show these fabulous winter landscapes friends. You may still take a vacation and go to one of these resorts in the whole company.

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