The boy is terminally ill, and the dog is doomed to death. But together they managed to save the lives of each other.

Boy and dog found each other and thus saved each other's lives. This story - the true miracle, full of happy coincidences.

Shepherd Juno was considered difficult to learn, so she was taken to an animal shelter. There it was predetermined end - euthanasia was inevitable.

the last minute salvation came in the form of a little boy. Lucas suffers from a rare metabolic disease called Sanfilippo Syndrome. The duration of his life - more than 14 years, and he loses more and more of the skills needed in everyday life. Father Lucas was looking for a dog for therapy, they would be kept at home. The dog needed to signal when the boy is in danger, for example, when he has seizures or lacks oxygen.

Official statement of the doctors was this: the dog is not able to help Lucas. Still, his father refused to believe it. By chance he came across the story of Juno on the Internet. His inner voice told him that this dog - just for Lucas. The boy's parents went to a shelter, and thus became acquainted Lucas and Juno. Indeed from the very first glance, the connection between them was palpable. Life Juno rescued at the last minute!

Father Lucas took care of the training of the dog, which hitherto was considered unteachable. The whole process went better and easier than might be expected. From the outset, Juno properly experience all the needs of a small Lucas if he needed support, she ran to him, when he had a seizure happened, she comforted him.

One day she ran excitedly around the wheelchair and pushed her face repeatedly. She knew that something was wrong with the boy. My parents came running and found that Lucas turned blue from lack of oxygen. So for the first time Juno rescued Lucas.

These two are inseparable from the very first day. Lucas through his father saved the life of Juno, and for that she thanks every day and trying to improve it. With the help of a dog trained by Lukas their skills more and more. Their friendship - just incredible.

Who would have thought that one such good fortune could save their lives. Now we have to take a deep breath and to share this story with all.


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