Twas Nochka

It was in 2010, in the fall, that is, recently. My friend invited me to his home and asked him to sit with his ailing grandmother, because he had to go into the night. Kin was in another city, for some - the circumstances and the old lady had to keep an eye on, because she could not stand on their own, I agreed.
He left and said he'd call later. At half past nine hours. Bored, he decided to see the telly. I do not know how much time passed, but I fell asleep, and eventually fell asleep. Awakened by the phone call, jumped up, found a pipe - one calls:
-Alё! Well, what is it? COPE?
Yeah, all right! - I replied. Well, we chatted, I went to the kitchen to drink tea. I put the kettle on and sat waiting. I can hear the TV hisses, well, I went to turn it off. Off, he went into the room to her grandmother, looked - is almost snoring. Well, I think everything is in order, went to the kitchen. Later, I stand, I smoke, I hear that - that fell in the house. I think: & quot; Okay, finished his and see. & Quot; I went into the house, shut the door, I turn around, and already almost up to the ceiling jumped! In the middle of the kitchen is a grandmother, her back to me.
I think that she jumped and how !? I approached her, I see her eyes open and look into the corner, I say: & quot; What are you up? Come on, I'll put you ... & quot;
Averted, I put grandmother on the bed, covered with a blanket and ran to the kitchen (full kettle boiling). I sit, drink tea. He began to wash the cup, turn around, and a little soul in the heel is gone! It is worth again and looks at me without blinking. How she managed to sneak up quietly so if the kitchen floor creaked terribly, for any movement! I felt a little uncomfortable. Again he took her into a room and put the sentences, they say, do not stand up more sleep!
In any case, the room locked with a key, and went to smoke again. I smoke, I hear, in a barn - the noise is clearly something or someone goes there. I walked over, turned on the light, I look - no one! And the noise stopped. Turn off lights, turn around, and I have as much legs gave way ... in the garden through the gate grandmother is looking at me! I stood a - a time, he was afraid and did not understand! WHAT IS IT!? Involuntarily flashed the thought that Grandma leaned back! But someone - then I put to sleep! I pretended not to notice his grandmother, went to the house and slowly walked to the room, pulled the handle, the door was closed, I inserted the key, I opened the door I go and what do I see, there is no grandmother!
I was shocked! I feel cold feet went on, I realized, if I turn around - it will stand behind me ... I closed my eyes and trembling began to repeat: & quot; Our Father, Our Father ... & quot ;, the other I did not know, and I thought that the only thing that can help me ...
But in less than a minute later, he heard a creaking floorboard behind, I turned and slammed the door. I held the door handle and listening to every rustle.
And then the phone rang in my pocket! I involuntarily screamed obscenities. I get it, and I can not click on the desired key, so I was shaking! I looked, and it is not the call! I set the alarm for 3:00, if you suddenly fall asleep. I huddled in the corner and thought about everything happening. I will not call a friend, why bother, maybe I'm just dreaming ?! Maybe it seems to me? Or just as a grandmother - then he left the room, went in his sleep! As I thought, I did not notice I fell asleep ...
He opened his eyes in the morning. He jumped up, looking grandmother lying in bed and not breathing ...
I look at the time - half past five, will become one. I walked over to the bed and began to listen to it, just does not breathe! I was amazed, then just went out on the porch, I lit a cigarette and some tears ... Soon came a friend and I told him everything, but he was not surprised. She says she used to go often during sleep, and it, too, and parents shied away from it, that you have seen it all ... I'm sorry ...


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