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At 84 km from Moscow, in the Stupino district in the village of Hatun there DALE "Russian Fairy Tale". That's where I sent my mother a child every summer. DALE Russian fairy tale is the place where I first fell in love, kissed, and tried a cigarette ... but we just did not do it. I went there in the period from 1991 to 1998, for two months, maybe three, over the summer. In the camp, we played volleyball, swam in the pool, went to discos. We have carried out various activities, where we sang, danced, put scenes. At the beginning of the change is required to come up with the name of our squad, and wrote the slogan painted wall newspaper. In the evenings, the counselors were handing us milk and arranged candles. Every shift was summer lightning. And every morning the line was performed, where the camp director told us plans for the day. Once I replaced all lain in prison with bronchitis, because on the day of Ivan Kupala drenched me a bucket of ice water. So should we put bouncy trampolines, where specially trained people taught us tricks such as flips, and so on. Once we had a carousel "Daisy", she often broke down, so the day when it was repaired the holiday for the whole camp.

As time passed, we grew, the crisis struck the 2000s, the camp was closed and sold. But we still meet every summer. Take a tent and go to the camp. Located outside the territory, in a field next to the lone pine tree, and in the afternoon we go for a walk in the camp itself. I have not kept a photo of what it was. But there are pictures of what was. When I got there a few years later, she could not hold back tears, though, what gloom has fallen my childhood. But the smell ... The smell of it remains the same. The smell of grass, flowers, trees and strawberries

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1. Index, seeing that we all together started to shout hurray

2. Access to the camp

3. One of the buildings. There have been 5 On two floors each. To the luck and brought down the House with balconies. I was lucky

4. Type of housing

5. All that is left inside. A small furniture and dust.


7. All the windows are boarded up, so get inside we could not

8. The balconies were stairs leading to the second floor to the other units. Lives on the second floor, we used the stairs in the quiet hour, and at night, when the river ran))) Then the hole closed on the lock.

9. Former playroom

10. Toilet)))

11. He.

12. On the territory of woods camp was full of ravines and ditches. Through these ravines were wooden bridges.

13. From the side it seems that it is still strong, but it is only snag. The boards are rotten and unsteady.

14. a bench somewhere

15. Door vnikuda. And before that, she was in the pool.

16. In general, it's him. All overgrown and already resembles a large flower bed ...

17. Destroyed steps into the pool.

18. He

19. The scene where we were before the other units.

20. dance pad

21. She

22. Again bridge

23. At the camp there were fountains of which fought the icy spring water.

24. Jung. Young is a prototype ship. At the top was a platform, which was on the stadium where the camp and the girls loved to sunbathe. And on the first floor there were slot machines.

25. Inside the cabin boy. The windows are made under the hatches.

26. One of the slot machines. Most of all I loved the sea battle

27. rusted carrousels

28. The mast on the ruler. At the beginning of her shift up flag, and in the end fell. Essesno under the solemn sounds of a bugle.

29. field - the only thing that remains a well-kept, as Local allowed there to play football.

30. Another fountain

31. And here such rarities we had. There was also a rocket, but unfortunately, there is no photo.


33. Isolator. And on the second floor were apartments camp director.

34. Here it is - Chamomile)))

35. It is in the basement dining room.

36. There was a laundry




41. On the field.


43. Our campground.

44. And she alone in the pine




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