He had to break into a blizzard and in such an ass! The nearest village is about twenty kilometers - within walking impossible. In the car too long I will not stay - will cool down soon.

Near the forest could see, you could start a fire, but this option is not suited snowstorm. What's next? There seems to be no one at all does not go. So, you have to calm down. Where there is a tablet? Google, the almighty, show ka where are we? Yeah: Left bare steppe, to the right the forest, on river flows, swamps. So, what's that, like some kind of structure? From me through the forest a kilometer of all, can be reached, but that there is waiting for me. Poher, the main walls and a roof over your head, but to fire could be diluted.

I collected a backpack full of food, took the most expensive of the equipment, an ax and a knife on the belt, a hundred grams of cognac inside, and climbed out of the passenger compartment has cooled down to my old lady. Melo in the Arctic, not fucking seen. Even the tablet battery power is low, the main thing to hold on, and then so you can become a hero. In the forest swept weaker, but visibility was still poor, move the instrument.

Finally literally crashed into the fence of mesh netting, climbed and went to the first structure, which could be seen through the snowy mess. The building was not a small, half-glass - I once seemed like a Soviet canteen, I walked to the front door and - just dining. And a thick lock on the door. Damn. All right, go with black. It turned out to clasp hlipenky - my ax with an iron grip in no time it turned. Here I am inside. The kitchen is empty - there were only shelves, dishes were not.
The first thing I decided to check with the hope of electricity, but was disappointed. Then he went into the room eating, there was an amazing sight: the tables and chairs were arranged exactly as if waiting for now is about to go down a change of job, what some woodcutters and rassyadutsya slurp steaming soup. But surrounded by glass walls white prisoner snowstorm, waiting for someone was pointless. Nevertheless, I liked it more than the gloomy kitchen.
I dumped the backpacks shoulders, shook down jacket from adhering snow, the Chinese put a tent, sleeping bag and packed into the lit burner on low heat. Overnight ready. Naskakavshis the drifts, but after cognac, stomach demanded hot food. The soldier's bowler hat, I melted the snow on the burner, heat sealing a pack of Chinese noodles and thumped to the bank stew. Then he blew the dust from a nearby table, put a pot, a bottle of brandy, lit a candle, took a backpack with speaker-plate hamburger and included the Beatles.
Feeling of unreality - dining here and so. As if it hits in a parallel world in which froze Soviet era, from which people have disappeared, but remains a symbol of the spirit. I wanted to feel close to someone, ideally a couple of friends, but the guitar, that's when it was fun. But nobody around, and even there is no network that would at least someone to share his position. Okay, nothing today zanochuyu here and in the morning back to my old lady and try to start. Maybe someone will pass by. In any case, provision and overnight there, do not die.
Not sleepy and I decided to explore the room better. At one small room found a bunch of paper, magazines, bills, of which realized that I'm in a former children's camp "Pine". The latter document was dated 1996. I grabbed a couple of "Young Naturalist".
At the front door he showed the butt Belomor about a week ago. After this finding, I firmly propped door and mop hefty pedestal, put on top of a few empty bottles to thundered, if someone decide to breaking. Then he climbed into the tent, ate the remains of the supper hour and lay a sheet of naturalists and sipping brandy. The snowstorm was not abating all, I put out the torch and candle I wrapped in a sleeping bag and fell fast asleep under the monotonous howling wind.

The next morning the tent was quite chilly. I shivered got up, dressed, took a pot of snow and put to boil tea. The snowstorm subsided. The snow was a little below the knee. He covered everything piled huge fluffy caps on the feet of pine trees, which are beginning to make its way through the morning sun. The sky was clear.

But I finally decided to bypass the camp, before advancing to the car, I heard some sounds similar to the hubbub of birds. Passing dormitories and sports grounds, I buried in the administrative building. Nearby stood a barn from dense boards - and found there the house. The walls were insulated with laminated paper, sitting on poles Five hens and one rooster. I closed the door and hurried to inspect the building next.
The door was open and inside is still warm. In the living room cooled stove, there was the laid bed, table, chairs, a wardrobe and a bookcase. At the window stood a chair, and on the sill of the Soviet radio. I scanned the spines of the books: in the bulk of hunting and some classics. Things were all simple but felt a peculiar comfort, just really wanted to get acquainted with the inhabitants of this room.
But do not wait for the host application reviews were worthless, so I rushed out, I walked around the camp has gathered backpacks and went to the car. The going was difficult, even though I had my boots high and light.
Along the way it came across a lot of fallen trees, and just had a lot of snow, so we had high stepping.

Finally zavidnelis outline tracks and mound shaped like a car. Pimp brought solidly. I get tired pretty and spent half an hour to shovel snow. Another hour gone in trying to make the old lady and find damage. But I was not a good mechanic, and it is an understatement, so taking the valuables I walked back to the camp with the intention to wait and get to know its inhabitants.

From the hard way and hard luggage was bathed in perspiration on my back. The stomach demanded food, foot rest. Something like over the fence, flopped with backpacks in the snow and sat there for a moment, his head in his hands.
When he looked at me with eyes staring studying bearded man under two meters tall. On his face was not read emotions, gray eyes were piercing clean. I had to introduce myself first.
 - Good afternoon! You excuse that invaded your edge. At the snowstorm hit. I stalled the car on the track and in any way. I looked up from the satellite area - like some kind of structure is - and went here hoping to find lodging. I stumbled on the first available building, yes there and spent the night.
 - From the satellite? - The guy's voice was low but some kind. He probably was far from new products technology, talked about it on the radio screen.
 - Well, the satellite is now such devices have, can the area to look like aerial photographs used to be - I tried to explain.
 - Mmmm ... thoughtfully he mumbled,
 - Egor - he introduced himself, reached out his hand and helped her up.
 - Anton. Thank you! He picked up two of my backpack and nodded toward his hut.
 - Let's go to. My food is ready. I myself have been on the hunt yesterday, when the starting point. Barely had time to build a shelter - because in the forest and spent the night.
Egor was a man by nature kind and hospitable. For dinner, we ate and drank shulyum my brandy.
 - I used to live in the village. Hunting with my childhood father taught. He married the city, moved in with her. And there I could not find work, I began to sour. Then he found out that she cheated on me. I almost killed them both. Now, I do not hold evil, you know - we both were to blame for it. In such cases, rarely one to blame. I loved her much, and that's left here. Out of sight. I close the whole nature of this city. Here I feel good, relaxed.

Yegor said it with a smile and that smile could understand that he is happy here.
 - How are you here alone something?
 - Yeah, well ... familiar one often comes to visit, and he frequented the village periodically: what products to buy something but to strengthen the health of the male - Yegor laughed and poured another one.
 - The way you do not worry about the car. Tractor that cleans the road - my friend. He would like to clean - so definitely will call me. I do ask him - he is your car to the city will take - it once again in the wrong direction. - Yes, lucky me that met you!
 - I was lucky. Well, let's!
After lunch, rest, finishing their cognac, smoking and chatting. I told him about what I do as I travel around the world with lots of photo equipment taking pictures. He was telling hunting stories.

Tractor really drove straight to the camp. Egor gave him tea, put it in a gift hide martens, and we all three went to hang my old lady. On the fifth attempt, she wound up with the pusher. I said goodbye to Yegor, thanked him for everything, gave him his knife, promised to call if I am in this region, and we set off.
And so it went to the city - in front my tractor, I'm behind. Painfully long, I occasionally stayed here and there taking pictures, sometimes just reading a book from the tablet. Arriving, I passed the car in the garage, he settled in the hotel and the first thing hastened to experience the benefits of civilization: climbed into the hot tub with a glass of whiskey.

Two years later, we passed the spot where my car stalled. Now I replaced the old woman on a brand new Foltz was not alone, but in the company of charming hive. It was the height of the May the most marvelous time when everything blooms and smells dazzled. We stopped to pick thyme in the desert and I offered to call to visit an old friend.

Yegor was not there. Birdman was empty. The room smelled of human presence, the furniture was covered with dust. I thought: could Yegor still are alone, and he went to the village? I wrote a note to the address and phone number, in case he is here and will be left in a prominent place. Of course I wanted to visit the place of my old overnight again. We took the sandwiches out of the car, a bottle of red wine and went to the dining hall. Inside was the same as it was two years ago. Only now it was not cold and lonely.

A few months later I received a letter from his ex-wife Yegor. She wrote that it found seven kilometers away from the camp.
It is obvious even in the winter, he walked down the steep slope, stumbled, fell and broke his leg. Yegor was trying to get home, but a violent storm, and he probably got lost in the white lace of snow, and so it was cold.

- Kpok



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